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Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) Solutions?


I have been struggling with IT band syndrome on left knee for about two months now (hurts on the outside of my knee, pain at 30 degrees flexion) I had a left inguinal hernia repair about six months ago that I believe may have weakened my hip adductors which may be letting my knee collapse inward. I play college football and have been working with the team trainer for the entire time and nothing seems to be fixing it. We just finished the first week of spring ball and it is the worst that it has ever been. I got a cortisone shot a few days ago but haven’t gotten much relief yet. I will be able to rest it in about a month but just need to manage it in the meantime. If anyone has struggled with this and found a way to heal it or manage the pain, please share anything that helped you. Thanks!


See a physical therapist.

Your hip abductors, not adductors - specifically the glute med - keep your knees from collapsing inward (valgus). The TFL works in conjunction with the glute med to stabilize the pelvis, hence ITB issues.

<----------- Not an MD.


Thanks for responding! I have also been working my hip abductors over the last few months but have seen no improvement.


What have you been doing? Who administered the cortisone shot?


The team orthopedic doctor gave me the shot and I have been doing a lot of stretching of the IT band, TFL, groin, and pigeon stretch. Strengthening exercises are clam shells, fire hydrants, and donkey kicks. They have also been doing stim and scraping with tools (hurts like a bitch)


Maybe some kind of step ups, to get the inside of your knee (VMO?)going to stabilize and make sure your knee is staying in a good line over your foot.


Okay I’ll add those in! Thanks for the help