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Iliacus/Iliopsoas Tear

I was injured about three months ago in the squat exercise on the right side of the pelvis.
Since then, the exercises that have hurt me are:

  • Parallel breaking in squat (Body Weight)
  • Lunges/Bulgarian Split Squat (Both when the injured leg is behind)/ Step Ups etc.
  • Bench Press Leg Drive or even the general set up that includes Heels behind the knee line to create the Arch.
  • Butterfly sitting (External rotation of the pelvis)

All the pains up relatively passed over time, I invested a lot in blood flow and pelvic mobility. The only exercise that still hurts me to perform at a cruel level is Cossack Squat in the transition between the injures leg to the non-injured leg (without the help of hands), this second I supposedly do a “squat” on one leg is brutal.

I have attached my link doing squat without weight from today, you can clearly see the difference between the left and right (injured) side.
I have always had this imbalance, a shame I had to get an injury to take care of it.

  • Does it happend to anyone ?
  • Does anyone think he knows what this is about?
  • Guess?
  • Know what to do in a situation like this in terms of Treatment and Exercises to correct the imbalance?

I guess and believe it happened due to pelvic imbalance (Hip rotation) / leg length imbalance / hip shift or something like that.