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Il Fornaio

I saw Ko and someone else mention Il Fornaio on a previous thread. I am a bartender at on of these in California. If there is one near you I think It’s actually a really good place to eat as far as tasty nutritious food. Everything is prepared from meat and produce that is delivered daily (at least in the one I work at) and a lot of choices are perfect macronutrient wise for a bodybuilder or powerlifter. Just go easy on the bread and olive oil, thats a massive eating nightmare for all of you that follow John Berardis formulas. Anyone else have favorite restaraunts go ahead and post I am always looking for places to eat.

Horace, at which Il Fornaio do you bartend? I’m curious since I live in LA and have eaten at at the Il Fornaios in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Pasadena.

We’ve never eaten at the IL Fornaio here in Portland. Don’t know why, just haven’t. We usually do eat at the restuarant where Ko works, The Heathman. Since it is good (and it is!).

The beautiful thing about Portland is that it has the most restuarants per capita than any other city. I mean, we're within walking distance (where we live) to no less than 6-7 quality restaurants! And right across the river is the downtown area, and there are quite a few there (including The Heathman). And we can't forget the brewpubs and Portland has a few that also serve good food, along with fine brew. Portland is a paradise for "foodies", beer lovers and caffeine addicts. Definitely spoiled living here...:-)

I work at the one in Burlingame, have you ever eaten there? Do you go there when the have the Italian regional menu, it is definitely worth it if you havent.

I’m embarrassed to say I don’t even know where Burlingame is (I’m not a native Californian), so no, I’ve not eaten at that location. I do recall seeing the regional menu, though I don’t recall if I ordered from it or not.

Zev - Burlingame is in the Bay Area, a little south of San Francisco.

Horace - what nights do you work? My wife and I may have to cruise up that way for dinner some night. BTW, I'm not sure if I'll make it out to World's Strongest Man this weekend. Maybe one of the days.

I guess I’m going to have to try this place seeing as I live just in Hayward and work in Foster City. I’ve been looking for some new munchies. Can I just look up the address in the book??