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Ike is a Coming....


Who all is staying in Houston for Ike and still has Electricity?


Dunno but anyone that stayed near the coast is an idiot.

You ever notice how the storm is rated at 110mph winds but every time they go live to people on the ground with anemometers they only show like 50-60mph winds?


My guess is, if they post, they still have electricity, and if they don't post, then they don't have electricity.


Generator: $900
Gas: $4/gallon
Tailgating grill: $25

Realizing that my "bodybuilding lifestyle" is the only reason I have a week's worth of food cooked, sealed and ready to be eaten while most people are looking for food to eat....



Just to make it public, there are some people doing VERY bad in the aftermath of this hurricane. I just got power last night and was using a generator before that. Half of this city is still without power and may not get it up for another week. The sewage is backed up to the point that they are ready to call it an emergency situation.

While there may not be people trapped in attics or on roofs, the truth is quite a few are running low on drinkable water and food since very few places are open to eat and it takes quite a while to get gas. People without cars are fucked. There is very limited public transport in a city that thrives off of it.

I don't know what the media is releasing to anyone else since the only reason I have internet is because of my Verizon wireless service.

I just want people to know that it isn't over for us yet.

Things are better today since the temp dropped to 75 as opposed to being over 90 the previous nights.


PX, there is not really any news regarding the aftermath on our local stations now.

They were showing the HUGE storm swirl but I haven't really seen to much of Ike's aftermath.

They made it sound as if plans were in place and the emergency services were ready.

I hope they are able to follow through on their plans and help you folks out.


Plans may be in place, but the damage was fairly extensive even though most structures are still standing. I only got water damage but the people two houses over had a brick wall fall on their Jaguar.

People actually in Galveston...well...let me re-word that...the people who are stuck in what USED TO BE Galveston had to be rescued if they survived. That city won't be fully restored for years.

The cell phones still don't work or if they do, your call has a high chance of getting dropped.

They are doing well at clean up (even better than Florida did when Ivan came through), but there are people right now sleeping in the dark with nothing to eat but what they found lingering on the shelves at the corner convenience store.


Man, I'm sorry for you guys over there...


Thanks for the concern OG,

for the most part we were prepared. We are getting alot of support from many places. The biggest problem faced is that we live in such a large city that when it shuts down for a couple of days, it is gonna take some time to get back to normal.

I have a small generator so the steaks, chickens and eggs are good.

There are twice as many volunteer line and pole men helping TXU get our services back in order.

Only thing that sucks is the incredibly long lines for gas and food...

Oh, and my gym is closed until power is restored. So, the eating and sleeping are not a problem this week....


Does anyone have an estimate of how many people stayed in Galveston? Just wondering. I haven't really heard much about any rescue operations or anything.

Also, how much of the city actually has power? I live in Kingwood, and we're still in the dark. I noticed parts of Humble had lights. My brother in Spring is in the dark, but my friend over in Candlelight Hills got her power back yesterday morning. My office had power back on Sunday night, though today is my first day back (feeling kind of funny in my jeans and t-shirt--the only clean clothes I could find).


From what I heard, about 60% of the city is up and running...but that was yesterday. I got power late Sunday night. My parents got power back yesterday.

I haven't heard of any rescues either but I had heard from one guy who stayed because his stepmother wouldn't leave. He had food stored but all of it got washed away when the floods came. Entire buildings are now just gone in that area and I am cut off from news aside from the internet so I don't know what is going on locally at all.


Best of luck Prof.X. And to everyone in Texas.


I am at Richmond and Chimney Rock.

We just got power back late last night so we were without for 4 days and I don't own a generator.

It is hit or miss with power. Some people in our neighborhood had power way before us. There are still tons of people with out power, ice, and decent food.

Supposeedly there were about 2000 people that stayed on Bolivar Pensila and Galveston.

They are making EVERYONE leave now and ordering martial law in the next few days. There is even a tiger or lion roaming Galveston island...no joke! It is from an exotic pet zoo or some shit.

I have heard that the national coverage of the hurricane is very limited.

Not to mention most lights in and around the city are not working. So you have to treat every intersection like a 4 way stop. People are getting crazier and crazier each day.

Thankfully I have a trip planned to Las Vegas Sat. am.

Prof X, I had no idea you were in Houston.

Glad to see a least a few of our fattest city of millions are on this site.

Good luck with everything guys. Hopefully we don't get another one for a while.


Also, the water is UNDRINKABLE unless you have specifically heard otherwise. If you need water to drink, boil it first.

The sewage system is backed up all to hell so you are taking a risk with tap water right now.


That's terrible - the news people aren't reporting much on it this side so I had no idea.

Did your friends come out ok?

Good luck.


I have heard that the boil order was lifted, but then I heard Mayor White specifically say that you would be taking a risk to drink the water. I'm sticking with bottled for now, anyway. If you call 311, they, they will still tell you to boil water. I've been bathing in it the last few days, though. Ihope I don't get some weird skin infection.


Well, I'm at the clinic now and the word from the health director is that water can be used in treatment but the patient must be informed to not drink it when it is in their mouths (to spit it out) and to use a bacterial rinse after treatment.


I haven't even spoken to most of my friends since last week. The cell phone calls keep getting dropped.


I take that back. I just got in contact with two of them and they still don't have power. They are leaving for Dallas tonight because the gas for the generator is too hard to come by.

What gets me more than anything...is that we have a waiting room filled with patients right now.


I couldn't even so much as send a text message until today. I guess that comes with being a Cricket customer.

I just saw some pictures in the Chronicle of Galveston--or what used to be Galveston. Now I feel bad that I was bitching about missing House and The Sarah Connor Chronicles.