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IIFYM-IF Opinions/Advice?


I have a few questions/concerns regarding nutrition that i hope others will be able to fill me in on through personal experience.

i think its first necessary to let you now a little about me.

I am currently about 195 lbs, 6 ft, and around 20-25 bf %
My main goal is to conquer the ongoing struggle of simultaneously losing fat while gaining or at worse maintaining muscle.
I workout intensely at least 5 times a week

Over the last year and a half i have committed to eating 6-8 small meals a day keeping protein >200g and trying to keep carbs <200g, however it has been an unpleasant journey as i am never satisfied and always hungry, i have noticed slight increase in strength but the stubborn fat is still there.

I have recently discovered the intermediate fast (IF) and IIMYM methods. I am yet to try this but want to hear peoples opinions. i think it will work for me as i will be able to fast throughout the day get in a workout and then refuel in a 4-6 hr time period. However deciding the correct macros is where i need help. I understand everybody is different but i am looking for a general direction to pursue. Also what is your guys take on carb cycling? Can this be implemented to the IF? Getting a little picky here but..... i understand natural whole foods will be the best option but on IF flexible dieting is a lucrative option, should sugar intake be managed?

Any and all advice is welcome!!!!!
Looking for a little help, guidance and motivation!





A few thoughts:

  • while I can understand the sentiment behind combining multiple, currently-popular dietary approaches (in the hopes that synergy will emerge and outpace any single approach), it doesn't really work that way.

  • related to above and generally speaking, carb cycling is about nutrient timing, whie IF is about meal frequency, and IIFYM returns the focus to overall daily intake (vs micro-managing individual meals).

  • point being: there's no magic inherent to any approach; the magic comes from learning what fits your preferences/lifestyle best (and thus enables consistency over the long-term).

  • refined/processed sugar intake should be eliminated, regardless of diet


I am experimenting with 16/8 fasting. In my feeding window, I eat whatever fits my macros. This seems to work just fine.