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IHOP - All You Can Eat Pancakes



Insulin Coma!


Too bad they don't have all you can eat waffles.


Exactly what I was thinking.


That's one of those things that sound like a friggin awesome idea....then about 20 pancakes later...you want to kill the guy who thought it up.


LMAO, me too.

This thread is definitely going in the right direction.


Pancakes are the icky.


Replace "pancakes" with any ol' word, and I feel that this is something Sickabs would say in the SAMA forum.


Wonder if there's some kind of time limit... I want to see someone on a carb refeed just sit at IHOP all day =p


I think every "squats and milk" reply should also include a link to this, lol!


I learn from the best.


Aren't the dates given there in 2006, or did I read that wrong? Ah, but it's confirmed when I go to the IHOP homepage:



Someone should plan a big bodybuilder get-together as a scheduled carb refeed at IHOP. Filling up the entire building with 250lb++ guys just eating all they are capable of for an entire day.
If you give them a few cameras, you would have a heck of an entertaining TV show too.
I imagine the chef going desperate on the phone, trying to get ahold of all the pancake mix that exists in the nearby few cities, trying to get some backup staff to help make and serve pancakes, etc. That would totally rock.


I love it when ihop does all you can eat pancakes,
Eggs, ham, hashbrowns,bacon and like 100 pancakes for 7$


I've been quitely watch the pancake/waffle debate for some time now.

Never have I ever heard of a waffle breakfast. There's lots of pancake breakfasts all over the place. So I'm thinking the waffle lovers are afraid to learn the truth. They don't have waffle breakfasts because seven people doesn't cut it.


Waffles are art. Pancakes are slop for the masses.


I was gonna go there today as part of my high-carb day, but I didn't make it.

I settled instead for my weekly 4 cheese DiGiorno's pizza (among a couple other carb meals).

I plan on hitting my local Ihop up real soon though. I haven't had pancakes in a looooong time.


Next Sunday......

Oh sweet lord in heaven, thank God that it will be an off week for the NFL, because the resulting insulin coma will put me under for the rest of the day.