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Ihe Idiocy of GUN CONTROL


this is what happened to some of the guns that the Australians had to hand in after some whack-job killed some people.


and here's an article that shows just how CRIME IS NOW UP after this destruction by the govt dickheads:




Is anyone surprised?

Oh wait that's right, the entire left.




Yet the idea that tightening gun control laws will increase the violent crime rate, while it holds true for most places, does not hold for Japan. Japan has arguably the strictest gun control laws in the world, where private citizens are outright forbidden to even hold anything that is not a shotgun. Shotguns are licensed only to sportsman, with a very difficult licensing process including a written test and firearms education course. Essentially, the citizens live in a police state where random unjustified searches are the norm.

Given this, one would expect that Japan's violent crime and murder rate to be the highest in the world, yet it is actually one of the lowest of any developed nation: 1.1 murders per 100,000 citizens, and 1.3 robberies per 100,000 citizens, compared to 8.7 and 233 respectively for the US.

While I am not saying the a total police state is the answer to crime across the nation, this should at least force people to think before regurgitating the same facts and trends over and over. Cheers!



Yeah well, in Austria the numbers are allmost as low and you can own as many rifles and shotguns as you want.


...you just went full retard!

Take yo shit to the toilet we call PWI where it belongs and keep my GAL free from gun-control, immigration or abortion issues!



gun control?


Exception =/= Rule.


Wish I was there, I would have killed him before he had a second chance to kill anyone.


Japan is a very small island for one, murders are only counted when they find the body or so I've heard.
As usual there is always more to it, but I do consider these somewhat relevant.
I'm Canadian, so I'm not aan American History buff or know what each state is known for, but anyway, I read before in this book, and it mentioned Vermont, and how it was legal to carry (a registered weapon) concealed with or without a concealed weapons permit(or whatever it is formally called). What it went on to mention was in Vermont, they had like 1/5th the national average for violent crimes and other related offenses.
Can anyone provide more information on this? I don't have that book with me at present, I lent it to a friend.


People die everyday from a variety of weapons in the hands of idiots; is it somehow different because she's a politician? Locks keep honest people out and all that. Take guns away from good people, you're simply disarming the good part of the population. Murder is against the law, so if someone is willing to murder with a gun, you really think they're going to care that guns are illegal? The moment they became illegal, we'd just have another crop of Mexican gangs, the new ones specializing in guns instead of drugs.


That same book also went on to say how some of the recent genocides/mass murders occurred when citizens were forcefully disarmed.


Japan is an rare exception, and I can tell you from experience of having lived there that it's the philosophy of honor and one needing to stay in line with norms and a bunch of other social pressure bullshit that keeps people in order, in addition to ridiculously harsh penalities for relatively benign things. Life in Japan is also hell, probably why they're constantly offing themselves (everyday I'd wake up, click the news on, and there'd be a billion stories about different suicides, from poisoning, hanging, slicing one's belly open....)

Japan is a complex puzzle and you have to know the entire picture to solve it.


I must say, it does amaze me how fast so many people are willing to disarm their brothers for the illusion of safety. I consider them all cowards. You want safety? Buy a gun, learn to use it, and have the balls to pull the trigger if the time ever comes. You can never regulate evil out of humanity without destroying everything.


omg so smart!


Criminals and scumbags will care little of any gun law. Leaving honest citizens defenseless and criminals armed to the hilt


Just figured I'd throw that out there for debate since it happened today. I agree with you 100% on citizens owning guns.


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"Honest people" shoot each other every day.