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Igor Vovchanchyn Hangs Them Up


From M-1 Sport:


One of my favorite fighters of all time. Sad to see him go officially, but it was to be expected. So many great memories of Igor, a truly thrilling fighter and one of the greatest bare knuckle vale tudo fighters ever. Great HL of him:



Great highlight, great fighter.

According to Wikipedia the people in his Ukranian village would ring the church bells to warn eachother when Igor was out and in a bad mood.


It's pretty amazing how he can punch with such abandon and with bare fists! His hands must be made of granite.


Respect for Ice Cold.


Those insane punches apparently ruined his arms, though, at least after 50+ fights. It reminds me of how Tank Abbott would wear gloves before it was even required, just to protect his hands from how hard he could throw punches. Igor is a legend of the sport and it's a damn shame he never fought Wandy.


Pride was funny. You would have these giant russian dudes fighting skinny japanese people.

He has a fighting style similar to fedor, just go out and swing for the fences, relying on a great chin and awesome wrestling/sambo to take care of the rest.


Plain wrong in so many ways.

Also: amazing HL reel, muchos gracias!