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Igor Vovchanchin Vid



Don't know if this has exact compilation been seen here or not. If so, sorry. If not... Holy $#!T


As if he could handle the likes of Bruce Lee...Ha!



Personally, I think Bruce Lee's corpse would make mincemeat of the Russian but we'll never know.


Igor would have killed Bruce.

Anyway Igor is a legend and if he was in the UFC or even american like Ken Shamerock he would have been hyped beyond belief. His KOs were brutal. Just like that Crocop LHK KO he recieved :>

Anyway speaking of Igor, his infamous victim Mark Kerr is reportedly making a comeback against Wes Sims in a ACF or is it AFC figth in denver in May.


Oh please.


Bruce Lee Nuthuggers.. please.. PLEASE! get a clue, now!


This beats anything I've seen in the UFC



Ha. Them are some crazy bitches. That Igor guy looks like he could destroy a brick wall. He is relentless. Great vid.


Surely Sifu you will tell them the truth!

Bruce Lee could have easily defeated this..this Russian fighter.

Bruce Lee was so fast that he turn out the light which was on the wall and be in bed before it was dark in his room!


I would be impressed if Bruce merely made it out of the coffin.

Now here's some impressive use of Judo skills http://www.filecabi.net/video/judo-panty-upskirt.html


I bet Bruce could have gotten a girl to do this. You gotta love asian girls they are so talented.



Igor's a legend. I have always liked the guy, and he's got some mean fists.