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Igor Gagin - Impressive Squat Clips

I don’t even have anything clever or funny to say about this. This is partly because I’m neither clever nor funny but mostly because I’m just bloody speechless.

Seen one or two of these clips on here before, but I think they’re worth a repost.

That’s crazy impressive. Is he an Oly or Powerlifter? Also, not that this has anything to do with anything but that dude has the biggest head I’ve ever seen.

Aren’t you supposed to avoid the ‘butt winking’ that happens in the bottom of the squat (especially noticeable in the top video)?


actually the “butt wink” is called sacrum nutation, and is necessary for full activation of the glutes, its not a bad thing unless its severe, and the vast majority of raw/single ply lifters do it when going IPF depth.

Wow. Impressive weights, impressive technique.

I hope I get to squat this well when I’m his age.

he diud all tht in one session !?

[quote]WhiteFlash wrote:
That’s crazy impressive. Is he an Oly or Powerlifter? [/quote]

He is an IPF powerlifter! Very very impressive indeed :slight_smile:

Just youtubed him and found all kinds of crazy lifts. This is him repping 460+lbs-

This dude has hydraulic pistons for tendons.

880x3? Fuuuuuuuck.

I can explain this; due to a genetic mutation caused by Chernobyl, most Russians have an extra set of muscles in their legs, giving them superhuman squatting power. Malanichev is a prime example of this.

(The above is a scientifically non-dis-unproved quasi-factoid and/ or possibly a complete lie).