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Ignoring Soreness


My hamstrings are frequently sore after squats or deadlifts. Usually from day two to day 4. I am 52 years old. I sleep enough and I roll my hamstrings and stretch.

My question is whether there is any harm doing the next leg workout while I am still sore. I’ve been doing them regardless and the soreness persists but is manageable. I have tight hamstrings and I am working on improving flexibility. Full range motion seems to help. Just sore.


You can usually train trough soreness, but probably not with 100%. Soreness does not always mean that you’re not recovered, and not being sore does not always mean you’re fully ready to fight.

Soreness is not thing to chase after, thought. So do everything you can do to reduce it. Alongside of sleeping, mobility drills and eating, try this:

Take cold shower/bath before going to sleep.

There have been told great things about cold treatments for joint and muscle recovery and I decided to try it. I did go to swimming hall, then swam 500 meters with relaxed phase to get some movement for my aching muscles. After that I did went for cold pool (4 celsius only) for 30-45 seconds twice. I ended my session with warm sauna. I felt SO good day after this. I’m going to try this couple times/month and see how it works.


Just make sure it’s not limiting your movement (warming up usually helps) and from there look into active recovery techniques to minimise the soreness


So I am 47, almost 48. Do not take offense to this - but a great powerlifter once told me that if I cannot squat on Monday and pull on Thurs. or Friday, then I am out of shape.

I took offense to that as I put quite a bit into this lifting thing. But deep down, I kinda agreed.

I will say this - my primary focus has definitely shifted to hard conditioning and away from lifting. I still do 5-3-1 of course, but when I wake up, my first thought is - what’s the weather like and then is this a prowler, hills, or sled day. THEN, I address the lifting.
I do not get near as sore from lifting anymore - it’s hard to get sore from squatting when your prowling hard and often.
And, FYI, I have not lost one bit from my lifting - in fact, I have gotten stronger.


I actually have also noticed this. After I started doing hard conditioning again (went some time without when I started lifting), I have rarely gone really sore just from lifting weights.


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