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Disclaimer I do not intend to get or suspect to need TRT, but this was the section with the closest topic/subject, ie. endocrinology.

I will see the doctor tomorrow and want to get a first opinion.

I am 18 years old, male, play soccer regularly and also calisthenics. The last couple of months my hands have been getting a slightly orange-ish tone, I am always cold,no libido, I feel fatigued, I am recurrently constipated, fart a lot, and during the last three weeks, my gym numbers have stalled and have even regressed, plus I have felt very sore after every workout, something that never happened to me. The stall could be in part because I also resumed playing soccer after an injury without upping my calories accordingly, but I suspect the major cause is that I have been undereating.

Very importantly, I did some crash dieting mistakes back in november and december, consuming 1600 calories some days and even 800 calories once or twice, trying to get to 10% from 11% BF. To exacerbate the problem, I do intermittent fasting so perhaps I was undereating even when not dieting, before I tracked my maintenance calories

My stats: 65kg, 10% BF, 5´9´´

So, here are the results, this was all I could get tested for (I translated this the best I could from spanish btw):

Chemical profile:

Serum creatinine: 0.85mg/dl (0.67-1.17)

Glycemia: 92.90 mg/dl (70-100)

Serum ureic nitrogen: 21.80 mg/dl (6.0-20.0)

ALAT-TGP: 18.00 I/U (0-41)

ASAT-TGO: 24.00 I/U (0-38)

Lipidic profile:

Total cholesterol: 187.80 mg/dl (Optimum: less than 200mg/dl, intermediate/high: 200-239 mg/dl, high: greater than or equal to 240 mg/dl)

HDL; 56.56 mg/dl (low: less than 40mg/dl, high: greater than or equal to 60 mg/dl)

LDL: 117.92 (optimum: less than 100 mg/dl, almost optimum; 100-129 mg/dl, medium/high: 130-159, high 160-189, very high: equal or greater than 190 mg/dl)

**Triglycerides:**66.90 mg/dl (normal: less than 150, intermediate high: 150-199, high 200-499, very high; greater than or equal to 500)

Differentiated Billirubin profile:
Total: 0.32 mg/dl (0.0-1.0)
Direct: 0.13 mg/dl (0.0-0.3)
Indirect: 0.19 mg/dl

Hematologic profile:
RBC: 4.32 x 10P6/U (4.50-6.20)
Hematocrit: 40.40% (40-52)
Hemoglobin: 13.50 g/dl (14-17.50)
Medium corpuscular volume: 93.50 fl (80-100)
Medium corpuscular hemoglobin: 31.30 pg (28-33)
Medium corpuscular hemoglobin concentration: 33.40 mg/dl (33-36)
RDW-Width Erythrocyte distribution: 11.8% (11.5-14.5)
Leukocyte total recount:4.95 x 10P3/ul (4.5-11.3)
Neutrophils: 2.68 x 10P3/ul (2.25-8.48)
Lymphocytes: 1.56 x 10P3/ul (0.9-4.52)
Monocytes: 0.47 x 10P3/ul (0-1.24)
Eosinophils: 0.16 x 10P3/ul (0.09-0.45)
Basophils: 0.07 x 10P3/ul (0-0.11)
Neutrophils % 54.20 (50-75)
Lymphocytes % 31.50 (20-40)
Atypic lymphocytes: 0%
Monocytes%: 9.50 (0-11)
Eosinophils%: 3.2 (2-4)
Basophils%: 1.40 (0-1)
Platelet count: 220 x 10P3/ul (150-450)
Platelet volume: 11 fl

Immunology I profile;

TSH: 3.19 uUI/ml (0.27-4.2)
Free T4: 0.98 ng/dl (0.98-1.63 for those between 18-20 years old)
Vitamin D-25 hidroxi: 29.60 ng/ml (insufficient: less than 20, mild insufficiency: 21-29, optimum: 30-100, toxic: more than 150)

The substances in emphasized text were “suggested to be especially taken into account given the patients symptoms” by the lab to the doctor.

Please, I want to go back doing calisthenics (and progressing lol) and playing soccer normally, but, apparently based on some metabollic damage articles, I have to rest a couple of weeks and eat a lot to recover; it would also be great if I can do this all without gaining fat and maintaining muscle, as I have a field trip to Cancun with my senior high school class.

Any help is immensely appreciated guys

Update: today, as soon as I woke up, I grabbed the thermometer from my night stand and got an oral reading; 96.08°F. I then got an armpit reading, just to double check: 95.72°F.
I will update later today to post my afternoon T°.

Update Got my new lab results; I fu**ed up and didn’t include FREE T3 or FREE T4, only TOTALS for both, although FREE T4 appeared on my first lab a week ago. From the little knowledge I have acquired, even with total T3 (rather than free T3) as a reference, it seems rather contundent that I have some type of hypothyroidism. Again, any opinions are immensely appreciated. And by the way, look at how my TSH is higher now than before when it was kinda high already.

TSH 3.95 uUI/ml (0.27-4.20)

Total T4 5.20 ug/dl (4.74-14.60)

Total T3 75.00 ng/dl (91-218)

Antiperoxidase Antibodies 14.18 UI/ml (0-34)

Tyroglobulinic Thyroid Antibodies 10.00 UI/ml (0-115)

Hepatitis B Surface Antigen 0.32 (non reactive: less than 1; reactive: 1 or more)

Estradiol 11.91 pg/ml (25.8-60.7)

LH 2.02 mUI/ml (1.7-8.6)

Total T 3.77 ng/ml (1.02-10.10)

Free T 8.11 pg/ml (4-30)

The substances in emphasized text were “suggested to be especially taken into account given the patients symptoms” by the lab to the doctor.

Update 02/02/2018
More lab results have been added.

Calcium 9.85 mg/dl (8.4-10.2)

CPK 76 U/l (0-170)

Phosphorus 4.57 mg/dl (3-5.2)

Serum Potassium 4.82 mE/l (3.3-5.1)

Serum Sodium 141 mEq/l (136-145)

Sedimentation Speed 3mm/hour (0-15)


4 PM Cortisol 9.72 ug/dl (2.69-10.4)

TSH 3.28 uUI/ml (0.27-4.2)

Free T4 0.96 ng/dl (0.98-1.63)

FSH 2.78 mUI/ml (1.5-12.4)

LH 1.9 mUI/ml (1.7-8.6)

Basal Prolactin 6.32 ng/ml (4.04-15.2)

Total T 3.84 ng/ml (1.02-10.1)

ACTH 33.1 pg/ml (7.2-63.3)

Parathyroid Hormone 22.47 pg/ml (15-65)

Vitamin D-25 Hidroxi 38.3 ng/ml (insufficient: less than 20, mildly insufficient: 21-29, optimal: 30-100, toxic: 150 or more)

IGF-I 264.6 ng/ml (137-461)


Please give me a hand guys; whats your opinion on the whole battery of results. I still have the muscle pain; only thing that changed was that my Vit D went up, probably because I have been supplementing

My advice won’t change simply because you make another thread, young guys require higher T to maintain muscle mass. You have the T levels of 90 year old. Digital thermometers are useless therefore so are results, the difference between 1 degree is huge.

Hematocrit and Hemoglobin is low because T is low. Thyroid is a mess and we see guys having overlapping issues with both low T and thyroid issues.

Yes man, I don’t want you to change your opinion, I just want a next step. What should I do? I am on Vit D as per my GP, who --despite making that good call–is an idiot. Today, I saw a second endo who sent me get a cardiac holter, eat half the amount of eggs because of my cholesterol (I usually eat 6 WITH yolks), avoid milk and wheat because of my blood type (I know thats bullshit); she saw all the results and thats what she said! I have not seen the first endo, who is waiting for my third batch of results–the third “update”–, but I should on Monday. Still, I think she wont be of too much help either. She did not seem too concerned about my TSH when I showed her the first results, for instance.
Also, as of lately, I have noticed I wake up in the middle of the night at about 230 AM and then go back to sleep. Another symptom I forgot to mention was joints cracking more…
What would you do if you were me? Did you have any of my symptoms when you had hypo?

I’ll respind in other thread, its not good to fracture your cases in the two different threads. Information and perspective gets lost.

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many thanks… I will delete this one then