Ignorant SOB

Well hows this for ignorant, doing w/out last night (chins and behind neck press), the gym trawler comes up as I’m about to do presses and asks if I’m about to do a set, I say yeah, would he give me a spot 'I’m just going to the loo" and walks off, I get someone else and take the plates off (between sets). He comes back and asks if I finished, I say not completely but go ahead I’ll work in, “don’t worry” and then goes and does his curls elsewhere, I do my chins and by the time I get to next set of presses he is back about 6 feet away, so I ask for hand to get weight off and back on cause of weak position, he walks up and helps with it off, says “you’ll be right from here”, I respond “I want a hand putting it back on”, too late the a/hole has WALKED AWAY!! Out of the room. Needles to say I was motivated for the rest of my workout. I may not be the biggest/strongest guy in the world (180, 5’7", 15%bf approx) and about 15yrs older than him but that shouldn’t matter, and no I didn’t confont him, decided it was pearls before swine.