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Ignorant Football Coaches

Today i was dragged to football workouts and the lifting coach had to be the most ignorant coach i have ever met. He had us dead lifting with a shoulder with stance and he taught us to dead lift like we were squatting.( He wanted our buts parallel with our knees as we go up. Then he wanted us to lift up slowly and down slowly) I can understand trying to prevent injuries but this is stupid.Also on top of that he had us doing behind the neck presses. (sigh) Is there anyway to nudge him in the right direction or should i just keep working out by myself and look like I’m not a team player.
( Before you ask i am bigger and stronger than this coach and this is highschool)

Did they look something like this?

If so, they are called “Sumo Deadlifts” and there is nothing wrong with them.

[quote]orion wrote:

Did they look something like this?

If so, they are called “Sumo Deadlifts” and there is nothing wrong with them.

Imagine squatting to parallel then dead lifting from that position.
This was defiantly not a sumo deadlift

You were “Dragged” to football workouts?

Then you say the coach is ignorant based on your misunderstandings?

Sounds like you were looking for reasons to be pissed off.

It is hard to get a visual of what you are describing. But if your coach has you doing squats, deadlifts, and behind the neck presses, he knows what he is doing. He is building strength, and since football season is now over, this is the time to build strength, gain speed, add muscle, drop fat, etc.

They are all very reliable predictors of applicable strength. The behind the neck (btn) presses have more use than bench press. Hopefully he will work up to things like the Power Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Push Press, shit like that.

Listen to him, you will thank him when 6 months from now, you are most likely bigger, faster, and stronger.

A huge part of being a high school athlete is simply listening to your coaches, do your best to achieve whatever individual goals you have, but in the end he is your coach.

Suck it up.

Just be sure he doesn’t sucker you into doing direct arm work.


gif not related.

dont be a bitch.

Glad to see that the PWI guys are here to straighten out the op. Really is there anything we can’t do?

suck your own dicks

[quote]caveman101 wrote:
suck your own dicks[/quote]

I could, 20 years ago.

Its overrated.

I think you ought to walk up, slap him in the face and show him how it’s done.

OP - If there is one thing you learn through this journey called life, it is that everybody in a position of authority over you is a fucking retard, and not nearly as qualified as you are to do their job. The best way to get ahead in life is to tell them “fuck you” and do your own thing. Don’t suck it up and do his lifts, or else you’re a pussy. Go lift at 24 hour fitness with your bros, hitting curls bench and tricep pushdowns on the daily, and when August rolls around and he see how fierce your swoll is, he’ll have no choice but to make you the starting quarter back, and you’ll be getting laid every night. Problem solved.