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IGN Gives Uncharted 3 a 10/10


Has anyone played this series?

If you haven't, I highly recommend the 2nd installment.

In my opinion IGN tends to overscore most anticipated games, but this is one I will definitely be purchasing.


So they can play free games and get paid by the developer...

Probably not the case but that's what I've heard review companies have done. I often see myself watching gameplay before I buy the game on release date. Even then if I don't see any replay value I will only rent it.

edit: But I agree that the series is a must play for any PS3 owners.


Awesome series. Looking forward to this and Batman: AC. PS3 ftw!!


I'll definitely want to play this. I enjoyed the other 2. Though, If you can (given my opinions on the first 2 games) rent it, beat it, return it. Unless you're obsessive about finding all of the hidden treasures in the game, one play through is enough (for me).



Seriously one of the best games i've played on this console generation.


Man I'm thinking about buying a ps3 just for this series. Do you think it's worth it considering all I hear about the ps3 is how it sucks and Sony doesn't really 'support' it like Microsoft supports its own console - what ever the fuck that mean.


I've played the first two. Considering getting the 3rd. It will be a real shame if it doesn't match its predecessors' level...


I don't really keep up with the console wars, but I'll say I'm happy with my PS3. If there is lack of "support" from Sony, I never noticed.

Only reason I can think of that I want an Xbox is Gears of War.


It's worth it, especially if you don't have a Blu-Ray player. They're very solid games.

I've heard it's just as good as the others, and to expect nothing less. So pumped!


Oh yeah, Uncharted. That's one of the reasons I bought my PS3 in the first place. I still need to buy and play those games.



One is okay Bujo, but honestly man you dont need to play it. 2 was awesome and I should have kept it instead of trading it in. The 3rd one I am going to keep for sure.



Anyone who fancies themselves a gamer should play them...


Dude some of us don't have time.


Uncharted 2 and 3 it is. Thanks for the tip.

I play when I can. I've got a 360 and PS3, so what play time I have is often divided. When I was last home I was playing Rage, Arkham City, and the first God Of War.


Yea right now I am playing, Rage, Arkham and Battlefield. Plus been reading the last couple of Reacher series and that damn website linked in the Walking dead thread.


ive been playing uncharted for 3 hours and its a good game but i think batman has me spoiled. i just spent 10 mins looking for some door that i didnt notice because it blended in with the enviorment and i was pissed because i couldnt press the detective mode button for a clue on where to go and the game dosent give you a hint till youve wasted at least 15mins doing nothing


Getting my copy of Uncharted 3 on PS3 today and I just can't wait to play... well schedule allowing. Lot of friends are raving how good the game is. About time I check it for myself.

I'm tempted to get Rage too since it reminds me a bit of Quake and Doom. Next on the list COD MW3.


Rage is not like Quake or Doom at all.

It is fallout and Borderlands combo.


I forgot Uncharted came out today.



Based on some gameplay I'd seen, some indoors elements definitely reminded me of the Quake and early Doom games. There's a bit of Wolfenstein and Bioshock combo in there too... meh, maybe I'm stipulating too much :slight_smile: I shall have a better idea once I get playing.

And I agree that the outdoor landscape, the npcs etc.. have got that Fallout feel.