Igf1 Lr3 and Endurance

i have just completed a clean bulk phase i gained 10 lbs of lean mass and am happy with the results. i have just finished pct and have lost some of the strenght gains i had. especially my squat and i am pissed. i play hockey and we have practice 5 times a week and 6 with games. i will only have 2-3 times a week for only about 45 minutes to lift.

every year during season i lose strenghts because i just dont have time to hit the gym. this year i have decided i want to lift but do not want to overtrain so am going to do a igf1 lr3. i plan on shooting 50mcg pwo. so 2-3 times a week after lift sessions. i will be doing hIIT. i have 1000mcg so that would be about 7-10 weeks worth.

i have heard alot people saying results lose affectiveness after 4-5 weeks. what approach do yall think is best. maybe low dosage right before or after practice and a higher one after or before workout. or just a constand one daily? practice is basically a 2 hour cardio session with little breaks or sitting around. know its long would apreciate anyones input.