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IGF Results

So I am concluding and IGF-1 cycle and want to relay some info to everyone who may be interested.

I used 40mcg per day (about 30 days now) with 20mcg upon waking and 20mcg post-workout. (I probably ended up using more than 40mcg total since I probably overdosed a slight bit with each injection)
So my experience:
-The injections burn. Nothing that I couldn’t handle, but the first injection was a bit uncomfortable. Probably a combination of the acetic acid and the water (I think that test suspension burns a bit mainly fromt the water base). I used insulin needles and injected bi-laterally for each injection. So that is 4 injection sites per day. I split the injections to lower body for one set and upper body for the other (depended on what I was working that evening as to what was the morning injection). And I spot injected all over … first time I have ever injected biceps and calves … calves hurt!
-Results were not dramatic. I have read logs where guys are all over the place with this stuff. They rave of increased vascularity, incredible muscle pumps (some to the point that they had to cut their workout short), increased appetite, increased strength. I didn’t experience any of this.

I noticed slight increases in vascularity and good lean look. Beyond that, not much. No strength increase at all. Also the reports of slow weight gain are true. I gained some noticable size (just from looking at myself in the mirror), but nothing profound.

-My main reason for testing IGF was for increased athletic recovery and body comp stability while off cycle (I just finished a 10 week cutter of prop, anavar, and a little T3). So the body comp stability is there, I think this could be of good use to keep gains post cycle. As far as recovery goes … I was disappointed with IGF. I feel a lot better while on test than I did with this.
So, to conclude …

I was using a comparatively low dose, most recommend 60mcg per day. But I thought that this would be a “safe” side-effect free dose. Maybe it was just an effect-free dose (trimmed down now I am still 230lbs)? I don’t know. Also, maybe it was a crap product. I got it from a research chem site that I never used before because it was the cheapest that I could find (not going to get into which it was … if anyone wants to pm me for that info, I will be happy to inform you).

Maybe it was one of the two, or both, or neither … maybe I expected too much. I think this would be money well spent for atheletes who are dope tested. But I would rather spend the money on anabolics. I am not sure if I will try another cycle of this, maybe I will just to see if results are the same with another supplier. So … that is about it. Overall, ‘OK’ results.