OK so ive got 2000mcg of IGF-r3. My plans were to run a 40 day cycle at 50mcg daily. These injections would be 25mcg upon waking up and 25mcg before going to bed. This is my first IGF-r3 cycle. Would this be a good cycle length and dose for my first time.

If anyone thinks I should change the dose and lenght of cycle feel free to post your opinion! Again I have 2000mcg to play with so keep that in mine.

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I’ve done twice per day (morning and afternoon/PWO), once per day (afternoon/PWO), just PWO (which was 4x/wk), and just pre-workout. I noticed with twice per day that I had bigger pumps and I looked more vascular all day and possibly during workout (it’s hard to remember now). With once per day, even at the same daily dose, I seemed to have less of an all day effect, but the muscle gains still seemed comparable.

I found the most economical dosing for me was to inject either before going to the gym or (since I work out at home sometimes) about ten minutes into the workout, injecting into the muscle that is going to be worked as it will have the most blood supply at that time. I figured that since the IGF is circulating in the blood and working a muscle greatly increases blood flow that it would be the most effective dosing time. It worked really well, and it seemed to have had a greater effect, but I would have had to use higher dosing to really determine a difference.