IGF or GH For Injury?

Well, I have re-injured a shoulder. However, this time I am not going to wait 4 months for it to heal.

I have wanted to wait to try IGF or GH for sometime, but have been holding off till later in life. However, several members of my gym who have been in the game for a long time swear by IGF and or GH for the recovery of injuries.

What is the boards opinion of this? I am personally leaning towards IGF at the site of injury at 40 mcgs daily for 4-6 weeks along with ART treatments, however I am open to suggestions. Fire away, TIA.


I’m with you Monopoly… I just tore part of my bicep moving today and there is nothing they can do… just rest. F*cking crap…

I am GH, IGF and MGF… plus a load of other goodies and I would love to hear some ideas on injury rehab with the proper meds.

Any thoughts guys?

The classic response to this question is that GH effects are acheived through the IGF production as GH passes through the liver. I have used both, for injuries the literature that exists seems more GH oriented. I have avoided RC surgery due to GH regimen and some OTC joint, tendon and ligament supps. Good luck to you…

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Oh yeah, what is the nature of the injury, i.e. which tissue type is predominantly affected. Cartilage or ligaments? Muscles and/or tendons?


I am with you on the benefits of GH, however it seems to me that whatever I have read or heard about the benefits, they take a while to kick in.

As far as the injury itself, I couldn’t tell you.

I hurt it the first time doing very heavy farmers walk pickups in the power rack. After I put the weight back down I had a severe chest pain and loss of breath. This spread to my neck, clavicle, front delt/shoulder and lat.

After seeing my ART guy, he informed me there is a muscle that runs in this direction, and I had most likely torn it to some degree.

However, this time, I heard and felt a “pop” in the exact same area, this time running with farmers handles. I’m more than a little sore this morning. Thanks for the advice so far guys.