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IGF: How to Train? What About Gains?


Hi to all,
I would like to know from IGF-Experienced which kind of training (volume vs intensity) is the best to stimulate the recepctors in the muscle tissue.

And related to gains what should I expect in a 3weeks of 50mcg (total in every training day)


this is something i would like to know myself.

as for 3 weeks of IGF alone i dont think you will see anything (muscle wise) if i remember right, i read somewhere that you will start to see gains a few months later after your IGF cycle.

never taken it, but 1 day when im ready and have done alot of research on it i'll give it a go.


Sent you a link to an article that should explain the gains. As for the training, I was wondering the same thing. If you do find out somewhere else, lets us know.


thank you for the info Hagar and juicy

Related to training bushy suggest the option of heavy negative as starting set cause of the high level of muscle damage...

Hagar: thank for the link, i'll read it and come back with my "thought" :slightly_smiling:


I did my first and only run with IGF/MGF following a cutting cycle during the test taper part of the PCT. I was originally planning to maintain my strength and volume during the peptide use. After my first week I noticed that after my work sets I still a lot left in tank. So I was able to actually increase my intensity slightly and bump up my overall volume. The higher weight I handled easily but did not push the issue. After my peptide use ended then I lowered my volume and went into maintenance training.

I am not sure how different it would be coming off a bulking cycle as opposed to a cutting cycle but it still may be possible to make gains while coming off. I will keep an eye on the thread as I am interested in your results. By the way, what dosing protocol did you decide to go with?


For me with training I have found that my strength goes up a good bit while on IGF so I like doing a westside template for lifting. I have tried doing a bodybuilding system with higher reps and did not see gains like I did when I was doing two ME days and two DE days.

As far as gains I saw some in muscle gains but most were in my strength. I wasn't able to keep all of the strength gains though, at about week 2 post cycle my strength dropped.


my understanding was that you want to overload the muscles with a very intense/intensive workout (think lactic acid) so that you make your body release endogenous HGH/IGF/MGF (this is a natural response that is talked about a lot as a justification for HIT and Full Body training) so that you are injecting your exogenous IGF at the same time as your natural HGH/IGF/MGF levels are higher than normal and the muscle cells are more receptive to the added IGF.

common sense would tell you that you work the muscles hard that you want to latch onto the IGF and show the most growth but I don't know if that has been proven yet. LR3 IGF-1 may act on all your muscle tissues because it sticks around long enough to get through your whole system. This is also why people recommend using the lowest effective dose (because then in theory most of the IGF is going to the target muscles and not your intestines etc where you don't want hyperplasia).


50mcg every workout day


how much strenqth you lose?


I used slightly less (40mcg) but I was very impressed. I honestly felt like I was still on cycle because of the strength gains, I will never do a PCT without IGF again. I think you will be very pleased.


I kept about 1/2 I would say. It may have been slightly more, I can't remember my exact numbers and I don't have my log with me.


thank you all man :slightly_smiling:

PS: 2thepain
How long did you take the IGF after cycle?


I ran it along with PegMGF for 5 weeks during my test taper. However I would not recommend this as I only saw the strength gains for the first 3 weeks. I think that common practice now is 3 weeks, most will agree.


I remember your other post about IGF use.
I have planned to use the IGF for 3weeks (10 IM of 50mcg)

When you did your IGF cycle? Do you already "get" the effects of IGFinduced hyperplasia?

AFAIK "real" IGF gains come out after the new cells can grow...but how much time they need :)?


I'm not certain that I felt the cell hyperplasia during the weeks of IGF use. I did get a dramatic increase in strength and a slight increase in weight but if I understand correctly the hyperplasia takes months to manifest itself. However, I will tell you that I have lost a little of the strength I gained, but I have kept the same weight. Also the pumps that I still get training rival those I had during my weeks of IGF use.


thank you for your feedback :slightly_smiling:
very intresting... monday i'll start with IGF (i really can't wait!)

I plan to use it as PCT with nolva...

I would like to know if you have noticed any fat loss...


I did not notice any direct fat loss. However keep in mind that I ran IGF as PCT for a cutting cycle. My appetite increased and I actually gained about 4-5 lbs. With that weight gain I didn't notice an change in my body comp. My guess is that if you are able to maintain your calorie intake you very well could see a positive change in body composition.


well.. monday I'll start :slightly_smiling: so "we" can get some new information :smiley:


Hi guys
i have started my PCT based on nolva and IGF.
I'll post all related info in the "3 weeks experiment log": http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=1759750