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IGF-2 Lr3


Got the following today. For those of you interested in peptides. I don't know how this differs from IGF-1? This was from the metallic mythical beast research chem site.

"Dear Valued Customers,

First and foremost we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of you for your generous support of metallic-mythical-beast.com during our holiday sale.

We are now very pleased to announce the long awaited arrival of IGF-2 Lr3. This peptide has been illusive and tricky to find but it's here. At this point in time, IGF-2 Lr3 only has a very limited distribution and we at metallic-mythical-beast.com have been allowed 50 units until further notice. It may be that we carry this peptide on a regular basis but there is still some uncertainty because the sequence is a closely guarded secret and we cannot contract for it's manufacture.

We are pre-selling a few units starting now at $140 / 1000mcg vial. Please take a look at the metallic-mythical-beast.com website under the peptides section should you wish to see the product listing for this brand new peptide.

Thanks Again!"


What’s the question?


got that same email from a few research sites


sales pitch!


No question. I thought some might be interested in IGF-2 Lr3.


Have you not heard of it before? There are a few cycle threads about it here… not to mention a whole plethora of information on the rest of the web.

I am using it currently but i don’t expect to see much till next year.


I thought you were using IGF-1 LR3 and not IGF-2 LR3.


Ohh… i see now! Rii-ight.

Have you got any information on the peptide that 1) doesn’t come directly from a site that sells it or 2) has some use?

What i mean is - the post tells us nothing. Just that they have 50 vials… etc.


I tried googling it and didn’t come upon much. Maybe others can enlighten us?


From what I read, it’s the primary growth factor used during gestation. Interesting.


It’s something I don’t know much about.

It is correct that it’s important to fetal development and this is a known fact.

It seems to be correct that there is little to no published scientific evidence of importance in adults with regard to muscle growth (or anything else.)

However I think it is correct, but I am not sure, that there are significant levels of it in adults. So it may well have a use.

As to mechanism, it also binds the IGF-1 receptor, so if already using IGF-1, that aspect seems unimportant. With regard to mechanism I once read with regard to the IGF-2 receptor, it didn’t sound relevant, but the information may well have been incomplete or I may have failed to realize something.

I have an expectation that what is the case with these peptides is that they really are being manufactured for, or at least they got their start from, use in scientific research. Some enterprising folk decided to resell to the bb’ing market. It may well be that after demand was established, some manufacture was done specifically towards that end. But as for development of the methods, I expect that was for the scientific research market.

Quite likely, as personal opinion, this is being driven by the substance becoming available for that market, and now enterprising folk are trying to sell it for bb’ing purposes, without necessarily having any reason at all, other than having the stuff, for expecting it to help.

Though of course if any have evidence of utility to post, that would be great.


I tend to agree - with the ‘known’ (i use that term loosely as possible) currently used Peps, they were introduced BECAUSE of some of the results that were seen in rodents etc, and often the results in humans were lacking, but they were released anyway as it would make the supplier very rich.

This seems to be more to do with - as you suggested Bill - the fact it is recently available for research so it is being sold to our group of people - for no reason other than money.

I for one would never use a drug with no assisting information on it. Plus there is no rush.


[quote]Thatguy1083 wrote:
Oh my. From what I read, it’s the primary growth factor used during gestation. Interesting.


Could you cut and paste? The link doesn’t work.