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IGF-1 Supplement



I have noticed IGF-1 supplement showing up in Natural Health Food Stores. Is this a supplement worth looking into? I read what it says it can do. However, I have also learned that just because it says so doesn't mean that it does so.

So what do you think? Seems that if it were so great you would have either mentioned it or Biotest would have their name already on it.


I've seen several scams looking just like this in the past 10 or so years. Doesn't mean that this is a scam, but there are 99% chances that it is. I have not tried it myself (nor will I) so I cannot confirm the 1% that would make it 100%, but I'm pretty darn sure that this is a snake oil.

For one thing, real IGF-1 is a peptide like growth hormone and it is EXTREMELY sensitive to heat, light, and shock. So there is no way that real IGF-1 could be sold 'over the counter'.


Man, I just read on their website that it is an extract of velvet deer antler... a supplement that has been sold for years and that never actually did anything.



I'm curious about this too, in one of my stupid internet buying crazes I thought what the hell and bought three bottles of a sublingual IGF spray...I'm thinking at best it is just a waste, at worst it'll fuck my natural hormone balance up.


Thanks for saving my money!!


IGF-1 is not stable in liquid form for more than 24 hours, unless mixed in the proper acidic milieu (acetic acid). So the sublingual stuff is bonk.


I think IGF-1 has a half-life in blood of only 4.5 minutes or so. Blood ph ist around 7.4. As a rough guess, this will not be to far away from the mentioned "supplements" ph...


even real igf has not really lived up to the hype that surrounds it...everyone raves about it until they are asked to truly quantify what it did for them...at which point they tend to come up with some crap about how it crated new muscle cells or whatever, in theory, yes this happens in a lab setting, in reality and with the IGF1LR3 that is readily availiable, not so much. If you insist on dabbling in peptides i would stick with GH.