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IGF-1 or HGH: What's the Better Choice?


Lot of talk out there about IGF-1 being superior to HGH....has anyone tired both and willing to share you experience? All feedback much appreciated.

I was planning on adding HGH to my TRT and am now wondering if IGF-1 may be a better choice....


It seems to be more cost effective to stimulate your pituitary to produce more GH than injecting IGF-1. That assumes that one's pituitary is functional to that extent, and studies have shown that that is often the case.

CJC-1295 seems be the most cost effective agent, combined with -small- amounts of hexarelin, it works even better, I do not have links for the research articles, but they are out there somewhere. Finding dose recommendations is difficult because most of what you read is gear using bros who are of the more is better mentality. And some research is cause-effect exploratory and one should not assume that what they used is in any way a therapeutic dose recommendation.


Wow now I'm really confused.....so what is the best option then? (taking into account cost and effectiveness)

CJC-1295 with hexarelin?

Thanks in advance.


No one is going to make decisions for you.


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BBB, for long term use, the increase in appetite from GHRP6 might lead to becoming overweight?


KSman, I know no one is going to make my decisions for me but there is sooooo much new stuff on peptides out there that I was hoping others might be willing to share their experiences and or their thoughts based on research regarding what's the best option. To me it seems like HGH is still the the best bang for buck but am willing to explore other options (especially if there options that are less expensive)

*I also hear that GHRP6 is a big weight gainer.

*CJC-1295 I can purchase in Canada but the hexarelin, I have no clue??? Thoughts?



Can't help with CDN supply and demand :wink:

You can get a lot of answers on doses, then you pick the one you like. Technically, you would do IGF-1 tests before and during and find a dose that creates a healthy response. You do not want to hammer your pituitary. So smaller is better if it gets the job done. And what happens when you stop GHRH peptides? Do you fall back to whatever your normal was or lower? These things are not generally known and if they were, there are always people who do not fit the curve.

Some would say that you have to cycle off or use intermittently. Again, more answers than truth or facts. So you pick the one you like. I can't encourage doing things like this, but there is not point in my trying to cry wolf either. We can't take council from the BB guys, they mostly do not have a long perspective.

If I could obtain and afford GH, and knew that I would not stuck not affording it in the future, I would be all over it.

So all of the above is self consistent in a self conflicted manner.