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I have 2 mg of IGF 1 LR3 that I am going to be starting within the next week. I am currently 5 weeks into a 12 week cycle as well:

500mg test e / wk.
500iu hcg /wk
.25 Adex EOD

I have no experience with this peptide before, so I am looking for advice on a protocol for it.

I was thinking of running 40mcg ED for 50 days.

Anyone know of the optimal way to dose this peptide?


No one has any input?


whats up with this forum? no one likes to respond or what?


What the hell do you want people to say if they haven't tried it?
People like to run it for PCT to help keep gains while test is coming back- that's how I'd try it personally.

  1. Where did it come from? Most likely it is bunk.
  2. What's your goal with it? Are you a very advanced bodybuilder or are you a moviestar that needs to good look for a movie?
  3. Even if one of the above is the case, with 2mg you can't do anything substantial.

Sorry to disappoint you.


Not disclosing the source, but it is not bunk. I am simply looking for the optimal way to use it. (ie. dosage, injection type / timing )


I am not looking for a response if you haven't tried it. Looking for advise for those who have used it before. thanks.


i used it at 50-60mcg pre-workout. with the occasional 1-2 days off a week. Had great results, good for fat loss and increased appetite, and some strength gains, great pumps. carb up before\after dosage. its good stuff you will love it. Also i would do 1 month on, 1 off if you can