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IGF-1 (LR3) Only

Ive been considering buying one 1000mcg vial of receptor grade to use for a 20 day cycle at 40 mcg a day, Injecting 20mcg in the morining and 20mcg in the evening. I understand that IGF-1, unlike HGH acts in its origional form without the need to stimulate the release of other growth factors. So I assume that using it in a stand alone cycle should produce good gains.

I’ve read on other sites that there were some very good gains reported, either with guys who used it as a bridge in between short cycles or with guys using it during a mild cycle.

A 1mg vial of receptor grade IGF-1 costs about $450, so this little experiment of mine will be a little costly but I wanted to get a final opinion from someone here before I put that small dent in my wallet.

Maybe Ill have to be the first here to try it.

Have you tried media grade already? Also I’d say your dose is on point. You might get away with 20 depending on how you respond to it, but why risk waisting it. What types of gains are you expecting?

I havent tried media grade yet. The price of media grade looks good, but I havent seen any good reviews on it. I can get 1mg of media grade IGF for $250 i think. When I read a post by a guy who had tried both he said that the gains he made with the media grade IGF were negligable compared to the receptor grade.

But if I were to hear more reviews on the media grade I might consider trying it first. I just thought that I would take no chances. I also heard that the media grade is not as stable once you mix it with solvent yet I dont know exactly how long I can store it for before it becomes useless.

What are your experiences?

I would expect a significant and symmetrical gain in size and definition. From what I have read I think it would be like a moderate to heavy cycle of tren and winstrol with the exception that I should be able to hold on to more of my gains.

Great for bridging. SOme lethargy, size gains of about 5 lbs in three weeks a 20-30 mcgs 5on/2off. INSANE pumps, and my nuts got bigger. It is vital to take in alot of carbs after it’s administered ie at least 100 for me, otherwise I got very dizzy.