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IGF-1 LR3 Experience


Some people claim than gains from IGF-1 LR3 are merely water weight. Does anyone's personal experience conclusively prove this wrong? Thanks


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I didn't see anything about readers taking LR3 alone. A lot of people take it during PCT, but this is hardly an unbiased experiment. Other people combine it with Test, in which case it could easily have been the Test that caused the growth.

Has anyone actually made supra-physiological gains off taking LR3 alone?


I was under the impression that like insulin, it was much better in the environment caused by excess amounts of androgens - facilitating growth so much better than androgens alone and more than the sum of the 2 parts..


This is the common thought behind IGF, similar to HGH it should be used only on cycle. My personal experience showed that it could be used very well in PCT. I think most people use it during their cycle so there is limited knowledge of solo cycles of IGF. Granted the time I used it during PCT I was doing the stasis so I was still injecting 100mg/week test. But that is far from the levels used on cycle and would be very close to a solo cycle.