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IGF-1 LR3 during PCT


Someone will be using IGF-1 LR3 to reduce catabolism during PCT.
Previously used a 1mg vial during last PCT at 50mgc PWO training days only(EOD) and didn't particularly notice anything, however loss of gains were minimal.
Possible increase in hunger after pinning, but not for sure.
No change in pumps noticed, but training is not pump based, and no amount of any gear affects pumps either.

Question is about receptor downregulation and meal timing.

Plan is to take 100mcg ED (training is roughly EOD) - all PWO on training days, and morning/evening split on non-training days.
Plan to do this for 30 days.

1: Is this dose for this duration going to cause receptor downregulation?
Is the downregulation permanent?
Would it be better to split the use into 2 shorter periods with a rest in between, or 2 'blast' periods with a light 'cruise' in between?

2: I have heard about people intentionally refraining from eating after pinning and I don't understand the reason behind this.
Is this because you wan't to wait for low blood sugar thus increasing nutrient efficiency when you finally do eat?
If this has something to do with avoiding fat gain I couldn't care - I just want maximal preservation/gain of muscle mass.




I am always baffled as to why I don’t hear about more people using this or other peptides during the harshest part of their PCT.


Would someone give their opinion?
You can disclaim if you aren’t 100% certain, but I want some feedback.


maybe nobody has an opinion?