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I know some here have tried the short life version IGF1 substance, I have been reading up on this a little. But anyone else care to share their experiences with the long range version?




..i'm halfway a 20 day Lr3IGF1 only cycle, and so far am enjoying it very much. Great strenght increase, good muscle gain, easy injections, no real risk of an hypo [2 20mcg shots aday], a bit of fatloss, it did my shoulders a world of good, no sides, no PCT. Except for the price, it's good stuff though it does appear that different people react differently...


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Thanks bro.



I have read this about the elimiation of joint pain, stronger tendons, ect more than once. Every profile I have read list nothing but good things. This is a very interesting drug, but I am going to research a little longer.

Thanks Bushy.



Elimination of joint pain? Crap. I was decided never to try this stuff. But if there is a chance that I might be able to squat more than 225 without limping for 4 days afterwards...I'd try just about anything.


Ephrem- Who's Igf-1 are you using?


Does anybody know of the legality/availability of this in Canada? I pride myself on being "clean"... but if this is legal and (possibly) aids in joint recovery, then I'm interested.


I do not know about Canada, but in the US it is not scheduled and is legal to purchase.



I don't know of anyone selling it in Canada. But I do know that getting things like that through Canadian customs requires a lot of creativity.


I have an e-book on IGF, GH, and related growth factors coming out soon, if you're interested.

Thats where I got the information on Tren and Collagen Synthesis, in another thread here...


..it was a special offer from a bodybuilding enthusiast. Very smart individual (-:


So far this is sounding like some kind of miracle elixr. Any down side to it at all?


A few. Ever hear of HPV? It's a sexually transmitted disease that half of all sexually active adults in North America have. It can manifest as genital warts (for some strains) in men, and cervical cancer in women.

IGF-1 will make all cells grow. All cells.

Got HPV? If so, and if you're a woman, taking GH or IGF-1 can increase your chances of dying. If you have HPV and are a man, it can intensify the outbreak of genital warts.

And remember, half of all sexually active N.Americans have HPV, but most don't know it.


Ah. Delightful. Yeah, that's kind of like spinning the roulette wheel.


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..from A.R.'s article on trenbolone: "Therefore, Trenbolone, by stimulating (b)FGF as well as IGF-1 - certainly would stimulate collagen synthesis."

..i don't know if this is true for all steroids, but if during a cycle IGF1 production is stimulated, the possible adverse effects of [Lr3]IGF1 are present in any cycle, not just a IGF1 only cycle. I'm sure the experts can offer more on this than i can...


There certainly are IGF receptors in the brain. Thats how IGF can exert part of it's neuroprotective effects. Declines in IGF levels in the brain can contribute to alzheimers.

Fat cells don't have IGF receptors. I should have been more specific.


Maybe you associate with the type of people who don't typically share the fact that they have STDs with you.


I'd like to see some proof that 50% of the population carries STD's. I'm not calling bullshit - I'd just like to know where you got your statistical "facts" from.

As for your back handed inference - your insecurities are showing again.