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IGF-1 Kit?


I just ordered an IGF-1 kit containing the following:

1000 mcg Long R3 IGF-1 in lyphosized powder form
2 ml's of Acetic Acid
10 ml NaCL

What do I do with these materials when I recieve them??

My biggest concern I suppose is how to contain it. Normally injectables come in those little vials that keep the product inside from exposure to the air. How do I work this?

thanks in advance


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FYI, I got about ten PMs, five or six of which included the same link that you sent me. I thanked RAINJACK, the firt guy who recommended that source.

You are being a little bitch. Not because you won't answer the question, but because you continue to bitch and complain about nothing. I would have thanked you by now if you hadn't posted that pathetic message in my other thread demanding to be aknowledged. If you really feel that slighted, the non-bitch course of action would be not to reply to any more of my posts. Instead you've posted two messages to bemoan about how you didn't get your fucking gold star for taking 20 seconds to type a link. WTF?

Yes, I appreciate that you tried to help, and yes it would have been courteous of me to thank you. But it's hardly a big deal that I didn't, especially considering the volume of replies that I recieved. It's pathetic that you even care. Do you think that everyone who replys to a post on this board gets a thank-you note from the original poster?


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By the way, I cancelled my order for that kit after doing more research. Though I can't confirm whether this is true, it appears that the product could be contaminated, counterfeit, or deadly.

From the site:

"Not intended for human use and can be harmful if injested....This product is not sterile and should not be injected."

I also found this online on a bodybuilding discussion group. It is a response from the one company who makes this product. He states of course, as he must from a legal standpoint, that the product is not safe for humans. But he also states that product supplies are carefully tracked, and therefore any product you buy online is likely a counterfeit product.

I heard the same thing from the president of the company who has a patented recombinant IGF-1 product that they market for short-stature children resistant to growth hormone. You just can't get it, and people who think they are taking IGF-1 are likely not doing so.

The other point made by the company rep is that the long acting form of IGF-1 might be dangerous to humans by it's very nature. Unless this has been tested in humans or even animals you have no idea about the toxicity issues related to an IGF-1 molecule that has an extraordinarily long half life. Since it seems that this product was developed specifically for cell culture I doubt it was ever tested in animals.

The response:

[i]Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your interest in GroPep and its products and for your honesty about your intentions. It is refreshing when someone is prepared to be honest on this issue. Appreciated. Seeing as you have been honest with us it is only fair I be honest with you. [b]Simply put, no-one in their right mind would use LONG[TM]R[3]IGF-I in a human. LONG[TM]R[3]IGF-I was specifically formulated for use in Industrial Cell Culture on individual cells. In this application it works brilliantly, being more potent than IGF-I.

However isolated cells are not the same as an intact animal as, for example, they do not have kidneys or an immune system. As a result, LONG[TM]R[3]IGF-I should NEVER under ANY circumstances be used in humans as it may prove fatal.[/b] This has nothing to do with purity, rather it is the LONG[TM]R[3]IGF-I molecule itself that is the potential problem. Illicit use is therefore a safety issue. Anything anyone tells you to the contrary is rubbish, irrespective of what evidence or experience they CLAIM to have.

The mistaken belief that IGF-I and particularly LONG[TM]R[3]IGF-I are useful as performance enhancing agents has resulted in a high demand for LONG[TM]R[3]IGF-I and a thriving trade in counterfeit GroPep vials, vials that do not contain what is claimed on the label.

Finally, the response I am required to give for all inquiries regarding human use:

We cannot supply or sanction the use of any GroPep Biotechnology Reagent in humans for any purpose. No GroPep Biotechnology Reagent is of Pharmaceutical Grade and are specifically marked "not for human use" for this reason. They are therefore unsafe and may be fatal if used inappropriately.

GroPep therefore accepts no responsibility whatever for any injury caused by the inappropriate use of its products.

GroPep only sells to bona fide Research Institutions or Biotechnology Companies, not to individuals. The same rules also apply to our Distributors.

All our shipments are via Courier and are traced to ensure correct use. No GENUINE GroPep product should therefore be accessible to anyone other than legitimate Researchers.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Stephen Hardy
Biotechnology Reagents Marketing Manager.[/i]


Whoa dumbass.

Bushy is one of the best sources in this and many other site forums.

You are out of line. You have posted 9 times and half of those are in this forum.

Respect is the bottom line here. And you need to give it where its due.

Bushy helps more and criticizes less than any other VET here.

An apology is in order here. And it needs to be directed at Bushy.

I hope you don't have problem with that. That is just the way things should be.



Read the label on all research chems - regardless of where you buy them. Read the disclaimer page you have to agree to before getting to most any research chem store. Nothing for sale is for human consumption.

Reading is a wonderful thing - if you will do it.


OK, so what IS for human consumption? Is this a pharmaceutical grade product?


Just like rainjack said, all these pharmaceuticals are labeled not for human consumption, its called liability. Also bushy is one of the most informative and nice guys going here on T-Nation, and especially in this forum, try being a little more respectful.


Ok, even though we might not like this guys tone ... does bring up a good point.
There are two different types of experimental designs:
1)"In Vitro" (latin for "within glass"), which are studies done outside of a living environment ... for example a test tube or a cell culture flask/dish.
2)"In Vivo" (latin for "within the living" or "within life"), which are done on test subjects ... like animals or humans.
So now that is out of the way. In vitro studies do not always translate to in vivo studies. There are too many variables and life is adaptable. Things may happen in vivo that didn't happen in vitro.
On to my question: Are there any IN VIVO studies on Lr3igf-1 (Long R3 Insulin-like Growth Factor-I or Long R3IGF-I)? There might not be (and I know that a lot on this board use this product without dying and with success ... so I guess you guys are the in vivo guinea pigs), just wondering if anyone more informed than me has any info on this topic.


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Yes I know it's just a disclaimer absolving them from liability.

But if it says "not sterile" then what do I derive from that? Is such a statement really necessary just for a disclaimer?

And what about the claim that R3 is dagerous in vivo? Is the company rep just saying that for liability purposes also?


Yes. Everyone is covering their asses from all angles. Nobody is gonna give you the thumbs up to use any of these products on yourself, ever. People still do it plenty. Learn to deal with or take a pass on the whole scene. Your expectations for reassurance from the manufacturers are unreasonable for the grey area these products fall into.


I see. But, for record, I certainly didn't expect "reassurance" - just the absense of claims that it's going to kill me.


There are no assurances, nor are there any guarantees, at this end of the pool. None.

If that's what you are looking for, you'd do better to stay with legal supplements.


Well, I've decided that I'm not comfortable using the product. So I have cancelled my order.

Before I exit the thread, I offer my apology to bushy. Yes I should have at least given you a courteous response, and I take back everything else I said subsequent to my failure to do so. And, I thank you for offerring to help.


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He was being very rude, I just reciprocated.


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