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IGF-1 in Dairy


I am interested in learning more about IGF-1 in dairy, but after some research I got a lot of conflicting information.

Does IGF-1 in milk remain intact through digestion?

Does organic milk contain IGF-1?

Is IGF-1 from milk good or bad for muscle growth?

Does IGF-1 from milk help you grow taller (if still growing)?

Does drinking non-organic milk give you man-titties and over turn you into a woman like some sources basically claim?

I would really appreciate answers to these questions or the name of a reliable source on the subject

Thank you!


I don't think the IGF-1 content of milk is going to have any big impact on your physique. Also I think organic and non-org. have about the same. I could be proved wrong though on either. Milk's other effects on your physique can be profound - it makes you gain weight - a lot of it. I personally choose not to drink milk (at least I don't rely on it - I do take some from time to time) for health reasons, and it manage to easily get calcium and protein from other sources.

I dropped it and feel better now, so I may reincorporate it down the road and see if it was the whey, casein, lactose, or other that I was not agreeing with. IGF-1 though likely has a negligible effect if it's absorb-able at all. Training/creatine etc can have a more pronounced effect.


I'm not sure how much IGF-1 is in milk, but I do know that the IGF-1 that IS in there is actually absorbed rather well - at least in theory. The following quote is from a study.

"Thus there is a distinct possibility that IGF-1 in milk could also avoid digestion... in the presence of casein."

I don't think that you would notice any real benefit from consuming dairy for the sole purpose of IGF-1 supplementation, however BPT already talked about the real reason you should be drinking milk - the calories and protein.


Great, thanks for your help