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IGF-1 Dose for Connective Tissue

I was asked about some cycle details by someone who has painful connective tissue problems in the shoulders. I suggested that IGF-1 might improve the cycle and help with the shoulder problem as well.

I have read a few posts from BB guys who have used IGF-1 and obtained some healing responses for problems that had been long term and resistant to conventional methods of treatment.

I have read about doses for IM spot injection and concerns about too large of a dose that stimulates growth of the intestines and liver. So would be looking to avoid that.

Will the safer conservative bilateral IM spot injections have any affect on nearby connective tissue or does one need higher and systemic amounts to get connective tissue healing effects? What duration might be needed? Perhaps this would require IGF-1 for a longer duration than a typical gear cycle.

What’s the connective tissue problem? I don’t know much about IGF-1 cycles, but it almost seems like surgery would be a more conservative approach.

I believe there was a thread just a week or two ago in which a guy healed up his shoulder. I believe he used 20 mcg for 10 - 12 weeks, but don’t take those numbers I just gave as fact.

I just remember he ran on the lower side. From what I’ve read, both pubmed articles and real life experiences, IGF-1 has yet to actually fail compared to other treatments (except maybe surgery).