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IGF-1 DES/HGH/Stem-Cells Repairing Injuries.


Has anyone had success with micro-dosing BPC-157, HGH or IGF_1 for injuries and coming back beyond 100% strong? I'm considering something like this for a nice 6-8 week max to see what it does

Injectable HGH up to 8iu divided into 4 doses throughout the day not Intra-Articular as a physician is needed for this but around the region of the injury
BPC perhaps 2-2.5g micro-dosed in 8 injections around injury
IGF_1 LR3 or DES 300-500mcg micro-dosed..

I wonder if anyone had any success with this otherwise i'll do Bone Marrow Stem-cells as a last resort


where the fuck are you going to get stem cells from?


I take 7iu HGH and just had shoulder surgery 4 weeks ago and started it 5 days after surgery. I take it subQ though in the stomach. I had a surgery on the other shoulder a year ago and this time recovery has been much faster.