IGF-1 Cycle Test

i’ve seen much disscussion on Long r3 IGF-1 but have yet to hear one’s gains from taking it alone or with PegMGF for that matter (and not as a PCT) which is leaving me (and others) awfully curious.

i’ve read many people having mixed feelings on Long r3 IGF-1, mainly of which were a dissapointing.

I have decided to take a 4 week cycle of Long r3 IGF-1 along with PegMGF, and post my weight gains, strenght gains, body fat % lost, weight kept, strenght kept, sides (if any). i will also post a log of my nutrition and what my workout routine was like.

cycle will be as follows (this may change with the more research i do)
PegMGF: 200mcg once a week 24 hours before taking IGF-1
Lr3 IGF-1: 80mcg (40mcg each side) Post workout injections 6 days a week

im woundering what kind of pins i should get for some1 with 12-14% BF for this cycle. i also heard i guy say not only do u have to inject each muscle but u have to inject each part of the specific muscle (tricep has 3 heads, 3 shots per tri?) is this true?

any suggestions on what should be changed and what should be avoided (not eating enough carbs, etc) to make this cycle better will be much appricated.