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IGF-1 Cycle Specifics


So I ordered 2mg of Long IGF-1 R3. I plan on using 40mcg/day for 50 days. First time use, so I want to bounce some info off of you guys to see if I have my details down.
From what I understand, I will receive the lypholized IGF powder. I will then reconstitue it in 1-2ml (depending on what concentration I want to create)acetic acid. Then, when preparing the injection, pull out the amount of IGF in AA that I want, backfill a slin pin, fill the rest of the slin pin with NaCl solution (1ml total volume), and inject (I plan on the IM route).
So if I have any of that wrong, please correct me.
On to my questions:
1) From those who have used long IGF-1 R3 before, did you inject once daily (post-workout), or twice daily (once in the morning, once post-workout).
2) Did you inject bilaterally? Meaning, if you planned on injecting biceps, did you inject both sides L/R at the same time?
3) Did you inject muscles that you planned on working that day? So, if you were to work biceps a certain day, you made sure that you injected biceps that day.
Appreciate the help. Maybe this can nail down some specifics for others that are researching this compound.


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Yes Latt, this will help me too. I have been looking around about this for a few weeks now.

From everything I've been reading, some say inject right after workouts into the muscle and yes into both sides putting 20 mcg in left and 20 mcg in right.

Others say split the injections to one in the morning and one PWO.

Both methods are from bros I trust that say they had good results. I guess I will try both and see what happens.

I'm planning on the same cycle you have laid out. If you get a chance say halfway into the cycle, we need to share results. BUT, I have some Prop, Tren calling my name also.

Lift Heavy,



Cool, thanks for the feedback.
Bush- I am getting the IGF as a kit, says it comes with acetic acid. I will have to see if it is already a solution, but that is info I didn't know. And I back-fill the slin pins just out of extra precausion. The needles are thin and delicate, I just don't want to dull the tip. I used this technique in my recent cycle with testosterone suspension, P22 recommended it (so in case anyone plans on using suspension, using slin pins is great to miminize the pain-in-the-ass of everyday injections) But, I guess you don't have any problems with that?
JW- I will let you know how things are going when I get kickin' with it. I would like to add some anabolics to it (I would probably choose suspension, since I would be injecting 1-2 a day anyway). But I just finished up a cycle, and want to try this as a stand alone. And see how it helps with PCT, and athletic functioning/recovery.

In fact, now that I think about it. Wouldn't it be a good idea to top off the IGF with test suspension (or winny) instead of a NaCl solution or Bac-H20? Hmmm! I don't see any reason that this wouldn't work, unless the crystalized hormones have a negative impact on the integrity of the IGF. They both are suspended in bac-H20 anyway. Any thoughts on that?


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I want to use mine stand alone also to get a "feel" of the stuff first.

I don't know about the test over the NaCL, But I do know where to look. Bushy will probably answer that before I get to it....

Good luck Latt, stay in touch on this subject, when you get a chance.



Alright, bush. Thanks for the pm and the input. Nice to learn some things around here.
I forgot about the BA content. But aren't some guys using Bac-H20, is this different than the sterile H20 that you use(or were you refering to the NaCl water)?
I thought that bac-H20 had BA in it (I think it is like 0.9%), I thought the BA is what made is sterile.
I have never made suspension myself, but I thought that bac-H20 was the water medium for suspension (and winny alike). But I don't know (and I don't know about the PEG content either). Hmmm. Maybe I will have to check with my UG source.
I am thinking that the main problem in the past was just the resuspension step using BA. And that did the most damage. But again, I don't know. Have to do some research to see how much of an impact the BA has on the molecule.


Ok. Maybe I'm missing something here but if you dilute the 1mg vial with 1ml of AA at 6% do you still need to backfil with BA Water? Or can you just use it right out of the vial? Why do you need the H20 if it's already mixed? Can someone educate me on this. I bought this as a kit too that came with the 6% AA however there were no directions and I thought it was just a matter of mixing the two until I read this thread about the backfilling.


I use #29 slin pins for HCG SQ and Test cyp IM, both EOD. I never have problems dulling them. With a new vial, I get a larger (#22-23) and cut into the dead center of the rubber, turning the tip and cut a few times. Then with the slin pins, I insert into the same spot cut by the larger needle.


Yes you can shoot the IGF-1 and AA mix without the NaCl but it stings a little. That's the purpose to act as a dilutent. Plus hey, who couldn't use a little extra hydration?:slight_smile:


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so bushy your saying, if you are drawing up 5 iu's in a slin pin of a AA and peptide you should dilute it with at least another 5 iu's bac water/ or NaCl water?

I've been putting around 10 iu's of NaCl water on top of 5 iu's of peptide/AA with no sting (for sub q). I was begining to wonder if the dilution was even necessary as well.

There seems to be quite a few people that believe the AA thing is unnecessary in cases where the IGF comes in very small quanities like the .1 gram (dry) vials, and is used almost immediately. I've heard a couple folk that just put bac water on top of it, if they are using it right away.