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IGF-1 Cruising and Blasting

I’ve been cruising and blasting for couple of years now and not really seeing much in gains like 1 would think, my blood work shows my igf-1 at 109 and i no it should be 250-300 , so without hgh to boost my level am i just wasting my time and money blasting?

How is your sleep? I think GH and IGF-1 are heavily influenced by sleep. Mine is also somewhat low at 135ish from last blood work.

How is body composition? I think that also matters some, but don’t have much experience in this area.

I would try to stay away from GH unless you are old. It does have some nasty things about it. You could try peptides like seromelin and iproblan (probably butchered spelling of those). Some sarms are supposed to be pretty good for igf-1 as well.

Im 48 and 295 pounds i was doing simorelan but its $200 per month from my trt clinic and my sleep is complete dog shit, have that sleep apnea crap and for 10 years tried and tried to wear the stupid mask and cant get used to it, im fairly good size but not like i should be after 2 years of what ive been doing

You can probably get it a lot cheaper online. Then you have to worry about what exactly you are getting though. I used to go through Defy, and I just couldn’t justify the cost for something that might work.

At 48 those numbers aren’t as terrible as they would be if you were young. I would work on your weight, as that will help in two fronts, sleep and body composition.

How tall are you? 290 sounds fairly heavy unless you are tall and a monster.


pic from this last summer

You are fitter than I imagined. I’ll tag @studhammer for you. He has some experience with GH. I think he lost significant fat while on it, while running it lower.

Mk-677 does have research showing a pretty significant increase in igf-1. I haven’t reasearched in depth on it though. Pretty sure it is cheap.

Ive used it and to be honest i just kinda wasnt feeling adding more pills to the handful i take every day

My fat is the visceral fat thus directing me to gh cuz thats the fat it goes after first, considering hgh frag but from videos from people i fallow on YouTube they say your body gets use to it so you have to up the dose every week

Hey @jimmy5656, Like @mnben87 said I’ve been running Gh for over a year now. I’m 55 and running about 205 at 5’6" and 15% BF. I’ve got some thoughts for you.

At your size you are definitely a candidate for balloon sinuplasty. The thicker we are the more we snore. I had sinuplasty, uvulaplasty and stiffening of the soft palate to correct my snoring. It helped a lot as I was having several apnea episodes a night which fucks up your GH release.

Regarding GH, for me personally, it works great on fat loss. It will also improve your sleep and greatly improve your recovery time. Before the COVID shit, I was doing 3 full body workouts/week and the GH really helps with recovery and letting you get back in the gym. I have issues with knees and have had 3 RC surgeries and without the GH, I couldnt hit all the bodyparts 3 times a week like I’m doing.

GH is expensive, there are some very good UGL GH sources, but forum rules dont allow that discussion. The stuff I use is Chinese generic and my GH levels went crazy on just 4 iu/day. Right now I’m using a maintenance dose of 2 iu/day which costs me about $3.15.day.

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I have good sources so not to worried about that, i thought about running 2 iu gh before bed and 2 iu hgh frag in the am, fat loss will be grate but as much as ive pinned over last couple years blasting and cruising i should be a bit bigger so any help or advice would be gratefully received

So I have not shown mass gains with GH. I think you will need in excess of 10 iu/day to see that. I did get a huge water gain that lasted for about a month and I gained about 22 pounds of water, then it came off, then the fat.

I’ve also ran GHRP and ipamorelin and sermorelin (sp?) and frankly nothing works like GH. If you can afford it, try 5 iu every night when you go to bed. Sleep will be so much better and like I said, recovery too.

You’ll need to run it at least 90 days to see results. Its a slow game

I can get 210 ui hgh for $550 and at 4 iu a day that would last me 52 days right? I can work with that lol

That’s more than I pay. Is that pharma grade? I pay $170/100 iu and I have test results that show that 4 iu send my blood levels off the charts.

4 iu/day would be 52 days, 5 iu woud be 42 days. At that price that’s $1100 for 90 days.

Kinda high brother.

Well thats the only option i have right now

Make sure you understand the downsides of GH use before diving in. Not saying you don’t understand them, but it is important. The reason I believe so many former pros of bodybuilding are diabetic is due to GH abuse.

I don’t think many risks are present in the 1-2 iu daily doses. I think 1-2 iu is about replacement level to be high normal.

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Prob not what you want to hear but cut down to like ‘only’ 250lbs, 230 even, and you will feel soooo much better.
Personally got up to a husky 265 at 6"2 felt sluggish at the time, but looking back my energy was dogshit and was often grumpy/poor mood for no good reason. -Leaning out made a night and day difference in wellbeing


Thus being my interest in hgh or hgh frag, my body fat is mostly visceral fat and thats the fat that gh or frag goes after the most, i have no interest in long time use or abuse but think a 3-6 month run could reep some benifits

Just placed my order, do you think i should start out at 4iu or start 2iu for couple weeks and work into 4iu? Also if it makes any difference im construction worker “framer” so im busting ass 6 days a week even during all this virus crap

I would definitely taper up. Doesn’t have to be super slow or anything, maybe a week at 2, a week at 3, and then 4 after that.

GH cranks up my carpal tunnel syndrome. But I’m a desk jockey riding a computer most of the time. Just be aware you may feel numbness and/or tingling in your fingers. Perfectly normal.

Don’t be freaked out by the water gain if it happens. It doesnt hit everybody the same

As @mnben87 mentioned, Gh can mess with your bloodsugar. If you go too long without eating you may feel this effect. I take metformin and its not an issue. If you’re working long days, keep yourself fed and have a fast acting carb on hand if you start to feel like shit.