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IGF-1 and HGH

I was told that these would help my athleticism. Are these illegal for sports? The only products of this kind that I could find were by a company called Always Young, they sold both in spray form. Does anyone know if these are good? I really don’t want to inject. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


First off that’s fake. There is no orally available forms of igf-1 or hgh on the market unless you have an amazing hookup. Second, from the sound of things you’re looking to cheat and that’s kinda gay. Sorry if my assumption is wrong. Third, igf-1 and hgh aren’t really that great for enhancing your atheletic performance. Have you ever taken any supplements, or are you for some reason just jumping right to illegal/gray area products?

These are illegal for sport, yes. They’re hormones.


Well I’ve been corrected. Mr. Roberts has pointed out that igf-1 is effective for atheletic performance. Perhaps he’ll chime in with some more info on the topic.

They can help with athletic performance, alone. Even more when combined with anabolics.
I wouldn’t trust any aerosol form of it. I know it is out there (and some life-extension clinics claim that it is effective), but you need to inject. All of the medical literature on GH and IGF are the injectable type.

They are banned substances for atheletes, but they are not testable. Only way you can get busted is if some doping agency raids your house and finds you in possesion of it (which has happened, quite frequently as of late).

Also they are expensive products. I wouldn’t recommend them for your “I play sports” average guy. Unless you are a very good athelete to begin with (scholarship athelte or pro), I don’t think that they will benefit greatly when weighing the cost and health risks.

Thanks for the help guys. I didn’t know much about this subject which is why I asked. Wideguy, no, I’m not taking them or trying to cheat. I had heard that they help athleticism and wanted to find out more info on the subject. Unfortunately, all I could find was the products that I stated before. I do take supplements now. Could anyone tell me what the best supplements would be to help increase my vertical? My season starts in August and I’m trying to get the best results out of my training. Thanks for the help.


Christian Thibaudeau has a program called “Get Strong, Get Fast, Get Vertical” that is designed to help increase the vertical jump.
I have done this routine and liked it. Combine this with an emphasis on your posterior chain and you will increase you athleticism and your vertical jump.