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IFSA 105 Kilo Class !!!

They have finally done it. IFSA has added a new 105 Kilo (231 lb) pro class. This is huge for the guys like myself who top out around 240-245, and don’t have a great chance of going pro in the heavies. They will be taking the top 4 lights in three of the platinum plus level competions this year to nationals. From there they aren’t sure how many will go to worlds, but us little guys might finally have a shot at ESPN. Now that I am the heaviest I’ve been in a while, time to start loosing weight again, GOD DAMN IT !!!

Awww yeah. I am pumped. Time to gain some damn weight!

Time to loose 15 pounds. February is not looking good at this point. I may just focus on Virginia in April.

It’s about damn time. I betcha this class will be even more fun to watch.

You wee guys can move fast. ;-))

You’re just afraid dude.

You don’t want to get too cocky, because I will beat you, I just haven’t decided how badly I will rub it in.

the more weight classes the better. the guys come in looking better because they force themselves to lose excess bodyfat. laters pk

“looking better”?? This is strongman, not bodybuilding.

Thats OK buddy not everyone has to look good. You just keep chuggin along you’re doing just fine. LOL

I’m happy to see it. Now if we can just the the IWF to put the 110kg class back into O-Lifting…105+ for super heavy’s is insane.