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IForce Bold 200, Scam or Not?


I have the possibility to bye bold200 of iforce brand hear in france. But is this legit prohormone of boldione or just another fake? Is bold 200 banned in USA?


I tried it.........sucked. It is now banned in the US, but it really sucked. Skip pro-hormones, either pin or wait till you ready to pin.


You say sucked. You mean fake? No gains at all or bad gains? What dosage and how long?


It really didn't do much for me at all....or anyone I knew.
It is supposed to convert to boldenone/eq. I wouldn't do an EQ only cycle, so why use a pro hormone like that?



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The Bold PHs are legitimate, as in they do convert to the drug boldenone.

Although much more expensive than actual boldenone for an equivalent dosage.

They must be dosed at something like 800-1500mg/day to even get a reasonable cycle's worth of bold, and must be run for quite some time to see results.

Bold is a pretty weak steroid to begin with. And is usually run with other stronger compounds in steroid cycles.

Even running very high doses of the PH is like running a low dose cycle of a weak steroid, your not going to see many results compared to something like superdrol.

Proper AAS is MUCH more effective and safer than PH usage.



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Yes i know it is weak. I alredy take one cycle of Primobolan Acetate at 100mg/day 6 weeks and l loved it. Gained 5kg of muscle keeped all AND NO SIDES AT ALL. How do you guys compare 800mg of boldione for 12 weeks with 100mg of primobolan acetate for 6 weeks? Sides, gains, libido etc?


I know it is weak. I alredy runned a cycle of primobolan acetate at 100mg/day for 6 weeks and i loved it. Gained 10lb of muscle, keeped all and NO SIDES AT ALL. How do you guys compare a cycle of boldione at 800mg/day for 12 weeks vs oral primobolan 100mg/day for 6 weeks? Sides, risks, gains, libido etc?


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If you have access to primo I recommend using that source to acquire regular steroids over the bold PH.

800mg/day of the bold PH for 12 weeks is going to produce more results than 100mg/day primo, but mostly because your running it for 12 weeks.

Not only would that be incredibly expensive, but youd also run into numerous problems with you own natural testosterone production.

After 2-3 weeks your body will be relatively impaired, your natural test production will shutdown, this means youll be running mostly on the boldenone.

While this can be done, androgen wise, its not comfortable, and its not testosterone, it does aromatize, but just barely, and CERTAINLY not enough to supply enough estrogen to function normally.

And you will likely suffer from fatigue and loss of sex drive as well as the results of very little test/estrogen being in the system for 12 weeks.

To use boldenone, or the boldenone PH that long you need to inject a maintenance dose of test or use hcg, or both.

Dbol is an acceptable estrogen replacement, and generally easy to acquire. It can also work in place of test/hcg.

Bottom line, you could do it, but why would you want to ? Just buy some real boldenone, and run it with test, a thousand times better, and MUCH MUCH cheaper.


My principal concern is minimal liver stress and minimal hair loss. Primobolan was just perfect but extremely expensive. Only sides that i have was fatigue (westlock - you think it's because of shutdown?) and nothing else (no hair loss). Libido was ok. A cycle of BD Primo costed me 400$ for 6 weeks at 100mg compared to 150$ for same time with bold 200 at 800mg.

Real boldenone is injectable and i am just not capable to inject it to myself. What stack you think is good to avoid sides for reasonable price (~200$) and reasonable gains (5-10lb)? You think that Dbol will give me hair loss even in a little dosage?

For PCT i have alredy nolvadex from my last cycle of primo.


Your not going to get very far with just orals.

Injectables are in a different class than orals in terms of safety, price, and gains.

If you intend to run effective cycles that dont cost 500-600 dollars for a 5-6 week run your going to have to man up and pin yourself.

Dbol with an AI isnt likely to cause much hairloss, but its also a type II and isnt likely to net you gains that you can keep on its own.

Your best choice would be Var, its cheaper than primo, and shouldent cause hairloss.

But its still very expensive. And not much of a mass builder.


What is your aversion to pinning? Dump the pro H idea altogether.

Just buck up yourself and start pinning your arse


Those of you that said boldione is a scam was right. I am in 4th week of eq-plex boldione at 800mg/day. I slightely up my calorie intake (like when i was on primo 100mg/day). I do 3 days of lifting and 2 days of cardio per week (just like on primo)
result: !!! NO MUSCLE GAIN !!! No increased apetite, no sides, nothing at all... Worst i gained 3 lbs of fat! I decided to stop cycle and do a fat loss diet.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE TO COMPARE BOLDIONE TO A REAL AS. With primo at 100mg/day i haved excellent gains and with boldione at 800mg/day no gains at all. I hope that this post will help people who search for reliable information about this scam.