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IFBB Split..??

I received this, this morning from MuscleNewsGroup a Yahoo Group I’m subscribed to…

The biggest news in the sport of bodybuilding, ever!
The Weider brothers are being ousted from control of the sport by a coalition of the owners of Flex magazine, various show promoters including Arnold himself, the guys behind the NPC and notably Mr Wayne DeMilia, the brains of the
pro Division and organizer of many top contests.
It seems the Weiders have been a thorn in the side of these chaps for years,
and seem to have been shafted.
What this will mean is probably chaos, as local branches of the IFBB decide
which way to jump, and the independent magazines too. We don’t know what will
happen to the IFBB name or the Mr Olympia name. Maybe they ought to buy the Mr Universe title from NABBA?

I’ve been trying to find more info about it, but can’t seem to…

Anyone else find any info…?

“Formerly known as Stubob”