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IFBB Pro Will Harris is Back in the Game


he's @ 320lbs off season


Will Harris is a monster, I love that quote from him (I think it's a deleted scene from Bigger, Faster, Stronger) where he says he wanted to look like a comic book hero. I'm going to try and find that video.


Isn't that why most of us picked up a barbell?

Yeah, Will's been on my fave list for a while. Personality-wise, he's got a great sense of humor too. Plus, he's an admitted vampired, so our boy Ct. Rockula has quite the hero to inspire him in both worlds.



Um... actually I got interested in training watching Bruce Lee....

And then I got tired of being small...


Well, I seriously doubt most big guys you see started lifting to look like someone who weighed about 135-145lbs.

Will Harris would be getting the same "hate/attention" as Kai if more of his words and lifestyle had been available via internet when he first started.

Remember, he claims to be a vampire and well over 300 years old.


I dare that kid with the grapefruit to stand next to Will Harris with a copy of Twilight.


HAHAHA that would be awesome, and dangerous.


Yeah. You have to remember that for me at the time 135 was about 40 pounds heavier than I was. He was muscular in my view back then. And like I said, he was who I wanted to be like, until I got tired of being small. Then, I started wanting to be like my uncle who was a competitive Bodybuilder.


I dig Will Harris, so massive!!!! he never appears like really outa shape when in off-season, always looks fucking A!


Go to 1.24 to hear Will Harris: "My dream was to look like The Thing from the Fantastic Four. Lo and behold, I surpassed my ambitions."


The movie is awesome, I got it at home, wish they left this part in the movie.


Did he say 25" arms.....?

Damn, I'm small.


LOL. Then you need to do more research. Will's nickname was World (based on how massive he got at his heaviest weight). It was given based on how fucking huge he used to get before he ever dieted down for competition. He was one of those guys who hung around the bodybuilding scene and was just known for being massive..including in the waist cause he loved food AND heavy weights.

He used to work as a bodyguard for high profile people. He didn't diet down for the first time until maybe 8-10 years ago. THEN he started to stay leaner.

I love how newbs rewrite history.


He's one of the few I believe. His arms are ridiculously massive in the off season. There are very few who are THAT big.


But, uhm, didn't he do a clean bulk (one pound a year) for 300 years?


Not sure if true, but I once read an interview where Will said he doesn't train his arms in the off-season.

Then again, since he playfully bends the truth in other topics, perhaps he was joking here as well.


Yeah....aside from that accidental "fast bulk" back in 1776 where he gained 20lbs. Something about a Revolution party.


Hey OP (Groovie)

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I was thinking the same thing lol but I didn't post on here for a few years so I felt like I would be a hypocrite if I said something lol.


Hey! Lurkers are people, too...:slight_smile: