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IFBB Pro on America's Got Talent



That woman at :51 wants to give him a bj.


Lol imagine if Kai Greene went up there and did his routine. If this guy gets a reaction that I think Kai would make some people in the crowd pass out.


i'm just happy they aren't booing this guy off the stage because he's a 'freak'


Good thing this wasn't "Germany's Got Talent".

Seriously though Tricky usually wins the best poser awards at the shows he competes in, and his dancing ability is the reason why.


Nothing says respect me as much as short shorts and dancing around, just ask the bitches as Hooters.


awww, group hug.




I feel gay now


So flexing elbows and pecs is a talent.




that was very interesting




Its good to see positive publicity for bodybuilding, as opposed to the freak-of-nature/illegal-steroids/roid-rage kind of news thats normally associated with it.


This dude is a freak but obviously he shouldn't be put on to the next round. This show is supposed to be about finding someone who could perform in vegas. This dude couldn't. It's cool though because last year they put a whistling grandma through like 4 rounds lolz

Since this guy is going through... i hope he turns his next routine into some kind of dance comedy. That would be solid. Nothing funnier than watching bodybuilders dance