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IFBB Pro Masters Return of Legends


IFBB Pro Masters the Return of the Legends

On December 10 2011 the following bodybuilders will be competing in this competition:

Ronnie Coleman
Samir Bannout
Vince Taylor
Dexter Jackson
Andrea Cahling
Chris Cormier
Pavol Jablonicky
Milos Sarcev
Danny Padilla
Shawn Ray
Toney Freeman
Troy Alves
Melvin Antony

and maybe even Dorian Yates



Dexter will take it.


When they used to have the Master Olympia back in the 90's, the guys who were over 40, but still eligible to compete in the Open (regular) Olympia would always be the top guys (and ALWAYS the winner). We're going to see the same thing here.

Oh, and Yates is only guest posing, which I must say, I'm glad about. I know he either never had, or had too late, the surgery in his torn bicep, and if you haven't seen any recent pics, it looks just horrible. I'd prefer to remember him in his prime.



Has this been 100% confirmed? The site says he might still compete.


Looks to be awesome. I'm assuming it will be broadcast on a site.


Everybody in almost every age group can cry from this.


Lol, the site says they're "praying daily" that Dorian will compete.



If he gets intensely working out, eating and everything his transformation would be like what Kevin Levrone did.


I heard that Dorian's been plagued with joint problems, diabetes and alternate tears on biceps/triceps.

That being said, that could all be bullshit. He's still my idol and I hope he competes!


I hope Dorian competes.
If you watch that Blood and Guts youtube series with him you can see the guy is still big and in great shape.






I'd like to see Cormier place high. I've always thought he had just as badass, totally 'superhero' physique.


I'm really just curious how the 50+ guys will look like in general. Basically to see what's possible at that age.


I've trained with him (not WITH him, but in the same gym) recently and can vouch they the dude is still built like a brick wall. Thick as all hell too. He could walk onto a stage without dieting and still be impressive.

Thats quite the Line up, I'd love to see what some of the old timers look like now, especially Padilla.