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IFBB Natural Bodybuilding Championship

What do you guys think about that?

What can we expect from this event?


“The first annual drug tested IFBB Pro League Championships! September 20/21 in Montreal, Canada.”

I am highly skeptical that competitors at these contests are strictly natural, and have never taken any banned substances. While I’m assuming they won’t be as huge as the “untested” competitors, and will have more “natural” look in comparison, if it’s being put on by the IFBB, I don’t think they’ll be holding their competitors to the same standards and testing methods the strictly natural federations do.


Have they already organized a natural competition?

Can it become bigger than something like WNBF ?

I think he said everything !

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The NFL tests for steroids. As such, no professional football player takes or has taken steroids.

See how silly that sounds?

Also, Mike O’Hearn where you attttttttttt


50 years old, 6’2, 245 lbs… Mr. IFBB Natural Pro for the past 5 years… The one and onleeeee… Mike O’Tren


Isn’t the Olympia “tested”? Remember when Jay Cutler failed a drug test lol

I figure they used a script font for Naturals as a stylistic alternative to quotes, as that would be too comical: “Naturals”.

But who cares about natural shows besides competitors anyway? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s not tested. They ran experiments like in Jay’s case they failed you for diuretics. And there was one Olympia that was tested in the past…it failed because no one showed up.

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Yeh, testing for diuretics was an ATTEMPT to stop guys from killing themselves with pharma grade diurectics, but with so much money on the line, and the whole pro lineup filled to the gills with illegal substances, Cutler’s attorney quickly put an end to any type of action being taken against him after the show.

The IFBB will never be a clean federation, there’s too much money at stake, and as was mentioned, they did test ONE Olympia, and it was the one where HANEY should have been beaten by Labrada as he was down in size, and it was obvious who had the more complete physique, actual bodyweights be damned.

The closest I believe they ever got was when they used to have a World Team for international competition, and I believe (and I may be wrong, because there are so many stories and rumors out there) that they had to test clean, but the athletes knew how close to the test to come off the different compounds they had been relying on leading up to the actual event.