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IFBB Contest Prep - Jordan Metcalfe


Hi guys,

I am currently prepping for my first comp which is the NZIFBB Auckland Champs. I am going to be in the tall physique class :slightly_smiling: I am currently 10 weeks out and would love your guys opinions/critique.

Here is my first video log with a little posing, I will also be posting pictures as my physique changes and other video logs keeping you all up to date with my progress.



Oh awesome. I wanna compete in physique here soon as well, so ill be following.


that's a tall kiwi

.. how much do you weigh and what weight are you planning on competing at?


Im currently 80kg, my planned stage weight is around 77kg but being my first comp I will see how it goes


Looking good bro! Will be following this:)


Good luck dude, I will be lurking :slightly_smiling:


Yep I'm In.........


10 week out pic


Another pic of me 10 weeks out. Will be posting my next video and pics soon :slight_smile:


P.s Any critique welcome, anything I could improve on?


keep working on arms, especially triceps. Otherwise very good.


^^Yeah arms and more upper chest thickness. Otherwise looks solid. How are the wheels?


That's the thing about Physique...



I agree with others about the arms.


Hey guys thanks heaps for the feedback!

Here is another pic that was taken pre cut (About 1.5 months ago), it gives you a better look at my arms and side legs.

will take one of legs front on when i can.


This pic was taken on the same day as the above one, you can see my legs from the front a little better on this one.

Not my greatest body part but im working on them twice a week to try bring them up to scratch.


sick detail in the delts there man.

Care to tell us a bit about your diet?


Cheers bro,

Yeah sure.

At the moment Im reducing my carbs a little every week as I am 8 weeks out, at the moment my diet is
Meal 1: Protein shake, half a banana
Meal 2: 1 Apple, 1pear, protein shake
Meal 3: 125g of kumara or brown rice, 200g of chicken breast
Meal 4: 125g of kumara or brown rice, 1 large can of tuna
Pre-workout: Half a banana and sometimes a pre-workout shake (N.O Xplode - BSN)
Meal 5: Protein shake
Meal 6: 200g Chicken breast, salad
Meal 7: Casein protein with berries

In the off season I generally keep the same diet but just increase the carbs so instead of 125g I would have 250g and I would also have carbs with my later meals post workout.

I will be posting my next video update this weekend and that will talk about the supplements im using and also go a little into my diet.
If you want to keep updated subscribe to my channel :slightly_smiling: i will also post the vid on here.


could we some pics with you in leggings and a garter belt?


Hey guys!

Also here is a pic of me currently.



very nice pic.. could we see the unfiltered version also?