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IFBB California Pro 2021 Results

Patrick Moore qualifies for the Olympia.

  1. Patrick Moore
  2. Mohamed Shaaban
  3. Hassan Mostafa
  4. Mohamed El Emam
  5. Eddie Bracamontes


Out of the top 5, Patrick seemed to be the only guy with sharp conditioning.


In that back double biceps pose, it looks like his lower and upper body are two separate pieces that they have attached together… Nuts.

I also notice that his front Biceps pose has his elbows level with the top of his clavicle but the back they are inline with the bottom of his rear delts. If purposeful (and not the camera angle lol), that’s some crazy attention to detail!

I see that. Mad right. I’m no big fan of BB but you can’t deny the results are spectacular.

I honestly know nothing about posing, but wouldn’t that have to be the case? Can’t flex rear delts or lats as well without bringing the elbows down a bit.

I would think that the chances are he dropped his elbows to better flex his inner back muscles and shortly thereafter finished the back double bicep with his elbows in their typical higher position. Thereby doing two poses instead of just one, and better showed his back development and detail.

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Hah - this is why I prefaced with me not knowing anything about posing - good observation by @strongmangoals

Not necessarily, here are Ronnie and Heath:


Also Dorian:


It’s always about what looks better for your specific physique. I knew my arms were decent but my hip Bones were far from narrow. As such I used to focus more on flaring my lats in my FDB and RDB poses than even thinking about my arms.