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IFBB Amateur World Championships


Well I am finally back from the IFBB Amateur World Championships in Korea. I can tell you it was a great and eye opening experience. Let me start of first by saying Thank you to the NPC and Jim Manion for funding and sending a team to Korea to compete. Secondly Thank you to Chris Faildo�??s family and friends that came from everywhere as far as Chicago and Hawaii to lend us support.

Third thank you to my teammates, Paul Coats, Shiloe Steinmetz Kelli Pettiford and Chris Faildo , as there were no egos on who was the best from the US. We all got along really well from helping each other backstage to just hanging out at baskin robbins and dunkin donuts, of course after everything was over. This was truly a great experience.

I can tell you now this wasn�??t all what I expected. Going into the World Championships my expectations were very high as well am sure my teammates, until we got there and saw what we were up against. Now when I say we the US team are natural. Trust me we are. Unless 90% f the countries came up with some scientifically engineered protein or something that shuttles the amount of carbs directly into the muscle we don�??t know about yet naturally. I don�??t think so people. I can tell we saw our fair share of growth guts .

I personally talked to two athletes that were on GH and insulin. They told me it can�??t be tested so they won �??t get caught. I thought for a moment this was suppose to be a drug tested show, a natural to say. Yeah right!! When you have athletes eating loaves of bread 12 potato�??s , bacon and other crap in one sitting right before your eyes and putting it down within minutes, I don�??t know about you but it would make very bloated for days. Not these guys!! It made them harder. I guess you have to see it to believe it.

I guess now I believe that an organization will have there fair share of drug users whether 1 or 30 they will be there. My placing wasn�??t what I had expected. I no one to blame but myself. Now does that mean I will start using everything in the book? Or even anything close? Hell No. My satisfaction comes from beating people that are on something. So back to the drawing board I go. With almost a year off and time to grow and reassess myself. I will be back bigger stronger harder on 2008 for the Team Universe.

This experience has taught me a lot. On handling adversity and disappointment. I have a new mentor. His name is Chris Faildo. This man is a true champion. Watching him conduct himself was very inspiring. Going into the night show we were all certain he was in the top 6 for the finals, but when we all got to the arena his name was not on the list. Were there tears shed? Of course , not just for him but I guess we shed tears in our own way for not even placing in the top 6. After a few moments I watched something that I will never forget to this day.

Chris wiped the tears lifted his head up and went around and shook all of his competitors hands to wish them luck with a smile on his face. Now that�??s a true champion!! After we got back to the hotel and changed and ate, we were all down in the lobby and the competitors were just coming back from the competition with there trophies in hands and even then Chris congratulated and shook there hands with a smile on his face. That was very inspiring. He could have easily turned the other cheek and blew them off. True Champion.

Also to his family and friends I say thank you for a wonderful week. The people that he surrounds himself with are a true blessing. If you are ever in Hawaii. Look him up at gold�??s gym in Oahu. I know I am, I am heading there in March and April!!! Thank you for everyone�??s encouraging words and a special thank you to Chris Faildo for the talk and Big E you da man!! I am still laughing bro!!!



Thanks for the nice detailed post, good luck with your future competitions and keep us updated.


Thnk you very much. I am taking time off to grow



Good to have you back. Your contributions are valueable to the site. Good to have someone actually living it who is in the trenches everyday who can share.


Glad to be back, I really need time away from everything to focus on the World Championships cause I was having a hard time with my diet and training so I shut out everything and really tried to focus. Things didnt turn out the way I hoped but this is only the beginning.I am one who never gives up. 8 knee surgeries from playing Pro Football doctors said I would never be able to lift heavy weights again. hmm, glad I didnt listen to them. Just keep going!!!


You said you were going to take time off, what is your going to be your main focus(lagging bodyparts overall size etc) with the long off season?


Hey Kiyoshi, good to hear from you. Glad your experience went good, even though you didn't get the place you wanted. But I know you will come back with a better package for next year.

Good luck and stay strong!


Hey Big Dogg!!!! Honestly my main focus is relaxation!!! Spending time with my daughter. Its been a long year 9 shows this year. I was going to compete in one more in Greece but my body said "No" I had a hard time getting ready for this last show.

As far as training. Most honestly I will go up to Venice and consult with Charles Glass and see what I need to work on. By looking at myself. Probably the thickness in my back. The last time I did deadlifts were back in college in 95, and thats something I need to do, so I would have to say thickness in my back and the legs of course.


Sup Tmoney. Thank you very much. It's been a long year and I am already enjoying this time off!!!! I will be better next year. I want that Pro Card that I just missed this year!!! I know it will come next year at the Team Universe. So next year come September in New York it's on!!!!!

    Hey Kiyo, I was wondering if you had any before or early days of training pictures we could check out?

    It would be interesting to see how you progressed I think for a lot of us.

             Looking great bro.


Very cool to hear yours thoughts on competing at this level. I had thoughts to maybe doing a show a while back, but after seeing the guys at a "natural" show, I realized that there is no real drug testing going on anywhere -lol

All the best bro.



Sup In the Zone,

You can go about it two ways. Just remember all I have done is done naturally. No steroids, gh, insulin, prohormones. The only thing I took was a sugar-alpha lipoic acid-creatine formula (works good for me despite what everyone thinks) thermogenics (HOT-ROX extreme) glutamine and of course the two types of protein whey and casein. What kind you ask? Muscle Milk and Isolyze by Species Nutrition.

Now back to the pictures. You can go to my, myspace page. I am under The Natural One Kiyoshi Moody. Or I will try and download some pictures from last november when I started on this adventure. Let me see what I can do


Please don't be discouraged!! Back in 1998 when I first started competing I competed in a couple natural shows and won and then competed in another show I thought was natural and placed third in my class. I got down on myself and stopped competing until now. The way I figure it. If I can beat competitors that use then it makes me feel ten times better, In which I have been doing. My first show this year I competed against guys that were non natural and I won the overall. You just have to want it!! Work hard, eat right and stayed focused!!! Please be patient!! I am still learning that now!!!


Hey Kiyoshi,

Congrats on having a great and inspiring experience. Sounds like those are the experiences/memories that add fuel to the fire (referring to your Team Universe comp). Echoing the others please keep us posted on your efforts for the year to come.


Damn, Damn, Damn After a month of not training and just being able to relax it's sure feels good to get back into the gym.

My first day back, Of course hit the back!!! And damn did I hit hard and heavy. At first I was hesitant about going heavy because it has been a month but after a few good warm up sets. The month lay off did me good. I came back nice and strong. Left off right where I started before my serious contest prep back in August/September.

Pulldowns to the front, t-bar rows, rack deadlifts, hammer strength one arm under hand pulldowns, pull-ups and to top it off barbell shrugs.

Nice day back!!!!


Thanks for the update, what kind of weight are you handleing on some of those exercises?


Thats pretty messed up, I can't believe people were eating like that and getting harder at the same time. GH guts are so bad, and should take a stronger hit in points like someone with obvious steroid induced gyno. Especially being a "World" Championship, you'd think the testing would be higher than anything else and more like an Olympics type test. But I guess people can fool that too.

Well anyway, you gave it your best shot and you always look awesome man. So I can only imagine what you were up against. Happen to have any shots from the competition?

Great to see you are back home, met some new friends, got some R&R, and are back giving it your all.

Looking forward to your future progression bro.


Thanks big Ben!!!! It was hard to believe you actually had to see it to believe it. I have some pics I will post for you bro.