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If You're Paleo, What Do Your Meals Look Like?


Just curious on what your daily meals look like. I don't have a lot of time in the am, so I usually just chug a protien shake. What do you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc?


That's cool, don't do any research for yourself, just make other people do all the work.




I like to eat a protein source, steamed broccoli and some nuts with each meal.


Seriously. It's ridiculous how many people are to lazy/dumb to use the search function to read the massive amount of information that is already on T-Nation.






Been busy lately, so I usually hit the drive-in.




Chicken, eggs, kale, broccoli... over and over and over...


What's with all the paleo posts lately?





Oh and thanks for the links Stay Puft man.


StayPuft FTW


Srsly. I think it's because we're awesome.

Someone should invent a thing that finds stuff that's already been posted or something. Could be useful.


Yeah but that wouldn't help lazy people, just something more for them to learn how to use lolz





Ha well played.(golf clap)


Everybody wanna look like the Micheline Tire Man, but ain't nobody wanna eat like no stupid ass caveman!


Nice pic just had to say it... In regards to paleo I think its so popular now becuase a bunch of books just came out on it in Dec at least thats what I noticed at Barns.. Its a pretty cool way to eat. Only draw back is alot of the folks that do it are die hard like Vegans and really uptight.. Its supossed to be only natural stuff all the way, grassfed beef, cage free chicken, cuaght fish.. Its really expensive.. If you stick to the basics,, Catch it, find it, eat it you are fine.. I eat this way and I've had good gains since I switche dover to it 4 months back.. Im recently mixing it with Anabolic so I can get a bit more diesel for Summer time..


It is really expensive if you buy wild game, however if you actually go out and fish/hunt a couple times a month its a lot cheaper than buying normal food from the store, I mean really you don't even need a boat to fish, and there's lakes every couple miles up here so it costs almost noting to go catch fish. When hunting seasons are around it only takes a kill or two to fill the freezer up that will last a couple months. Also growing your own vegetables is pretty cheap too, if you live somewhere with long winters grow a lot more than necessary then freeze excess to use during winter.

It is basically a lifestyle change but worth it IMO. Getting used to getting food this way and providing for you and your own will also be drastically helpful after the apocolypse


Peeps just need to sack up and make the commitment. No half assing it.