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If You're In Texas


Hey, guys, just saw an ad for an event here in Austin next weekend called the Texas Testosterone Festival. Relson Gracie & Amir Sadollah from Ulitmate Fighter are going to be giving seminars. Big Boss, I'm sure Phil Cardella will be there, too. It's cheap and there's a bikini contest, so, there you go.

Anyway, go to texastestosteronefestival.com if you want to know more.

I'm not associated with this thing in any way, just thought it looked like fun, and I'm probably going.





OH HOW I WISH YOU COULD, TOO! Guess you'll just have to stick to kicking cows asses in Kansas. :smiley:


Yeah cows are usually what we use instead of heavy bags. Plus it makes for good cardio, when they get pissed off and start running at you that is. Hahaha! No but really I'm heading down to Wichita KS for a week of muay thai, wrestling, and jits training at a place called Jan Jira's. A good amount of amature pro mma fighters train with them here in KS. Should be interesting.


OH YES.......we've been looking for to this. Got quite a few guys/gals representin' our school in the Relson Gracie Texas Jiu Jitsu Team Challenge their having,too. I plan on making it down to check it out. I won't be competing in anything...as I have developed some sciatica I'm trying to deal with....THIS SHIT SUCKS!!

On that note,Phil is going to be holding a seminar at our school on Aug 12th(I have to double check price/date). Granted he's not too banged up after his WEC fight against Ed Ratcliff on the 9th.

Anyways,anybody local should come on out...Miss Parker?? PM me or call Twin Wolves MMA(www.twinwolvesmma.com/) 254-338-1032 if you're interested in the seminar. Relson or his son,Rhalan,might still be around as well.


I'll be there, my school (Relson Gracie Austin) is hosting the tournament.


Miss Parker, will you be participating in the bikini contest?


Only if you promise to vote for me!


You gotta love the poster..lol.


Is Trey Mundine participating in the tournament? We used to train together at Kim Soo, and I trained for just a little while at your place as well. Great school, love Phil.


I doubt I will be able to do any seminars right now, but I'd love it if I ran into you at the festival!


I absolutely would vote for you.
Too bad i live in Canada.

And that poster kicks ass.


Big Boss are you doing the Bikinin contest....

this looks solid. have fun.



While you fellows are there stop by and see America's team at training camp in San Antonio. Only a hop and a skip away.


He should be.


Are talking about ATT/Alive MMA??


Trey should be. Also, Phil is fighting this weekend on the WEC card against Ed "9mm" Ratcliff. Check it out if you can.


Guess there's a NAGA tourney next weekend in TX as well.


Yes,I forgot about that....that's probably where your buddies are going. By the way,where do you train? or where have you trained??


I currently train with my friends at our local college gym. Myself, and two friends teach everyone else. That's why I ask a lot of questions about different things. I'll be training at Jan Jira in wichita KS in two weeks, and I'm attending a seminar at combatives sports center tomorrow; which will be taught by a guy named Doug Whilwind Edwards. Also I'm hoping to train at Combatives sports center here in Manhattan later in the year. They mostly teach gracie jits. To be honest... I would kill to join a legit gym.