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If You're Feeling Lonely


Have fun with your new best friend!


I can't tell you how many deep and selfrealising conversations I've had with this dude.


I like.


Kinda fun


I just like pissing it off.


I told him "fuck you"

And he said "Why do you humans have to always reproduce? There are so many of you already!"



If you do an addition problem...hes always off one number up. Stupid robot.


"Pancakes", response: 'eat'

"Waffles", response: 'ugga'

Elbot says: eat your pancakes




Try and type in "I will destroy you."


I typed in "I will destroy you." and it worked!


Nice !

I kinda enjoyed that one too a few years ago when in High School:


(the possibilities are way more limited but the design tops the robot greatly !)


sexy site, but it freezes when you type in "get naked"



is better