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If You're 6'2 + and 205...

I’m 6’4, 205, and would like to get up to 225 without adding a lot of fat. Could any of you guys near my size post what your diet consists of every day (a diet that is netting you mass gains). I’m just curious what some of the taller/bigger guys are eating everday and how it’s working out for them…

I’m 6’4 225… sounds about where you wanna be right?

I’ll just tell you what I ate today since it’s pretty much the same every day…

-1 cup old fashion oats w/fresh blueberries
-cup skim milk w/a scoop of protein powder and some frozen strawberries
-2 egg white 2 whole egg omlete w/avocado and salsa
-lots of vitamins
-2 tbps flax oil
-2 tbps olive oil
-12 fish oil caps
-1 can of tuna (in H2O)
-some almond butter(prob 4 tbsp) and celery
-chicken breast w/greens
-1 apple
-mixed dried fruit
-handful of pretzels
-24 oz london broil (lean steak)
-peas (only veggie I had around)
-1/2 carton cottage cheese w/more blueberries
-Between 1 and 2 gallons of H2O daily

This is a maintainence diet for me. If I want to gain some lbs I have to really up the kcals. It takes a short while to get used to eating this much but once you get there you’ll be hungry all the time and you’ll be eating for enjoyment rather than because you have to.

P.S. Don’t tell anyone but I had a banana split from Baskin Robins tonight w/2 scoops gold medal ribbon and 1 scoop rocky road… But my girlfriend ate half so it’s really not that bad O:)

I’m 6’4’’ and about 210. When I started training about 5 years ago I was 20yrs old and weighed a paltry 147, soaking-ass wet. Yes, I was rail thin. I was THE definition of ectomorph. When I hear some huge guy discuss himself as naturally being an ecto I just gotta laugh, cause their foolin’ themselves. For years reaching 200 was my only goal in life. Now, like yourself, my goal is a relatively lean (4 pack) 225. Soooooo, this is how I’ve put over 60lbs onto my lanky-ass 6’4’’ frame.
(Protein)-NEVER let this drop below 1.5g/lb, EVER. It doen’t matter whether of not you like some of these sources, eat them anyway. Cottage Cheese, Chicken Breast, Lean Beef, Yogurt, Grow! powder, Eggs & Whites, Skim Milk, Tuna. Eat ALL of these every single day of your life. No, seriously!
(Carbohydrate)-Keep this relatively high, like around 2g/lb, and adjust from there. Old Fashioned Oats, Long-Grain Brown Rice, Fruits (in moderation), Greens (fresh, preferably raw), Whole grain cerial (I like shredded wheat with post w/o meal), Whole Wheat Bread, Whole Wheat Pasta, notice any trend here?
(Fats)-I keep this around 100g/day, more while cutting, less while bulking. Olive Oil, Flax Oil, Fish Oil, Natural Peanut Butter, Egg Yolks (usually 2/dy), and of course the beef fat. 30% Mono, 30% Sat, 30% Poly.
Bulking percentages are usually 40%Pro, 40% Cho, 20% Fat.
(Misc. Food Stuffs) Pro-Pow (2 scoops cheap whey, 2 scoops Grow!), Multi-vitamin, Vit’s C & E on their own, Green Tea, ZMA. I don’t even consider these supplements, as they’re consumed every single day of my life. I slot them into my food budget.
Supplements, aaahhh, everyones favorite category! What can I say, Pro-hormones and Test-boosters rule. Surge + Creatine post/wo combo also rules (and for the love of god, just use the plain-ol’ cheap creatine powder and be done with it please!).
Hope this helps…

I’m about 6’3 and 244#'s. To get this size, I ate everything- doughnuts, pizza, burgers. I got fat as fuck, too. Since I have learned more about nutrition and working out, I have naturally (should say legally) kept my weight the same (within 7#), but have my composition changing for the better. Use the Massive Eating protocols and all will be well. It’s such a logical approach, and after a short time, very easy to pull off without thought.

Heh, I did like Infinity and pigged out from late August to Christmas last year… Went from 200 to 240 and got pretty porky, but damn I put some muscle on. Uh, that’s before I had scoured the T-Nation archives, if that’s any excuse. I’m guessing it was 25 lbs. muscle to 15 fat, but no worse than 20/20. Then I coasted on a pretty moderate diet and put on a little lbm and cut some fat until about a month ago I got serious and started a stricter diet.

After reading Berardi’s articles if I were to bulk again I would go for Massive Eating, hands down. I started with T-Dawg as a template, but in the end my diet is like the Massive Eating plan on a restricted intake. The P+C/P+F strategy along with optimal PWO nutrition seems to be working well for fat loss, at any rate. Not losing much scale weight but the measurements are tightening up, which is just what I like to see. Something tells me it would just rock all over everything for serious mass building.


Im about 6’1", 230 pounds, 14% BF. Heres is basically my clean bulk diet ive been using for the last little while and ive experienced massive gains.

Meal 1: 9:00
-250ML egg whites+2 eggs.
-2/3 cup(uncooked) oatmeal
-1 piece of fruit
-3 tablespoons of greens powder

Meal 2: 11:30
-1-2 chicken breasts or hamburgers(or same amount of ground beef) in salad
-2 tablespoons flax oil

Meal 3:2:00 (1.5 hours before workout)
-ham or turkey slices
-1/4 cup(uncooked) oatmeal

(one hour before workout, take 10-15 grams bcaa powder, im a huge Poliquin fan and he reccomends this as the quickest way to bulk up)

Meal 4: (sip during workout)
Surge+ 10 grams bcaa powder

meal 5: 4:30(immediately post workout)
Another serving of Surge, or, 1 scoop Low Carb grow + dextrose, creatine

Meal 6: 5:30
2 chicken breasts, + a carb source, baked potatoes, brown rice, yam, whole wheat pasta etc. This is the meal where you want to eat till you want to burst, during this time i will also snack on stuff like nachos and cookies.

Meal 7: 8:30
either something like chicken or beef + carb source, but this gets tiring eating every day so sometimes i will have a PB&J sandwich on whole wheat bread.

Meal 8: 11:00 (right before bed)
1/3 cup cottage cheese
1 yogurt

Meal 9: (optional)4:00 AM
1/3 cup cottage cheese
1 yogurt
I sleep with 2 alarms, i have this meal right next to bed so when the alarm goes off i just get it down then fall right back to sleep.

This has allowed me to make huge gains (20 pounds solid muscle) over the past year. Its tough eating so much, but you have to force yourself. Hope this helps.

Yup, Massive Eating is THE way to go for mass gains, while keeping fat gains relatively in check. T-bone said it right with the “mid-night snack.” Whene I just can’t force any more food down the hatch during the waking hours I go for a scoop of Low-Carb Grow! + Flax Oil at the four hour mark of the night (assuming I sleep 8hrs which I usualy do). Unlike some of my friends I like to eat clean during mass phases. Sure, I’ll have a cheat day once a week where I’ll exchange a couple of clean meals for a big beef burrito or a steak and potato and some Ben & Jerrys. But if I stick my guns 95% of the week, all’s well.

Wow thanks guys. My biggest struggle has always been eating enough. I have shitty habits. I’m up all night, sleep all day. Out with friends all the time or working. And I have a really hard time forcing myself to make time to eat. And when I do it I’d say 20% of the time it’s some fast food crap. I need to get motivated.

Just curious as to what the training looks like? Try not to focus on the appendages to much. work on the core muscles primarily. Ian King’s new article will point you in the proper direction. By the way I’M 6’4" 235 and it did not come easy

My training is fairly good I think. I do bench presses, curls, pull ups, dips, squats, deads, the core lifts. But the bottomline is, if I’m eating 2500 calories a day and 150g of protein, I’m not growing no matter how awesome my training is.

Infinity, how old are you?

I was once a skinny bastard myself (6’2", 135 lbs.), but found it much easier to gain weight after age 22-23.

When I was 22 and 160-180 lbs. it took about 5000 cal./day to gain ~2 lbs. per week. At age 25 I could do the same with 3500-4000 cal./day at a bodyweight of 200-220 lbs.

Age makes a big difference!

I’ll be 21 in two days. I wanna be hyooge, but damn eating is a pain in the ass.


You’re certainly right about your current diet. I’d say you need to double it to 5000 cal and 300 g protein. At your age and body type I wouldn’t worry about gaining too much fat–it will drop off quickly after you reduce your calories to 2500 again.

I also think sticking to the core lifts you mentioned is a great idea. How much time do you spend in the gym a week? I would recommend 3-4 sessions, each no more than an hour long.

Hope this helps, and good luck!